Join the Disinfo Flickr Pool


I’ve started a Flickr Pool for Disinfo. Anyone and everyone can join, the only stipulations are that:

  • All work must be your own.
  • No nudity and/or gore (I’m going to leave the discretion up to you all, but if this starts to be abused, I’ll have to enable a moderating period.)
  • If you share in the pool, you’re agreeing to allow your photo to be shared on (this won’t happen with every photo, just ones we find particularly fascinating/relevant).
  • If we do share your photo as a post, it will be fully contributed to you, with links back to the original photo. We will also use any verbiage/description you include with your photo.

There aren’t any constraints on what you can share. If you have photos from an event, or if you just walked out the door and thought it was a beautiful day, feel free to share them! I thought this might be a cool way for the Disinfo community to interact.

Go here to join!

3 Comments on "Join the Disinfo Flickr Pool"

  1. Oh wow. You guys are going to be so excited when you see my cat! It may take me a while to upload all 6,200 pictures, though, so be patient.

  2. Jonas Planck | Oct 9, 2014 at 3:24 am |

    “no gore”?
    How disappointing. I still haven’t found a home for this since Kinja decided it was too icky.

    • You know what I mean… As a horror fan, I can appreciate the some, but nothing too vulgar. That’s why I’m leaving it up to your discretion. The above picture would be fine!

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