Killer Mike’s Pre-Show Speech After Ferguson Verdict.

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Much respect to Killer Mike for having the heart required to be a true emcee. Same goes for El-P. Much respect to Run the Jewels and real fucking hip hop artists the world over.


Fate would have it that Run The Jewels had a show in St. Louis the same night that the non-indictment of Murderer Darren Wilson went down in neighboring Ferguson, Missouri. Run The Jewels usually open the show by jumping right into their blood-curdling theme song. But on this night Mike took an opportunity to address the crowd first.

Her Infinite Power Helping Oppressed People is the true meaning and purpose of H.I.P.H.O.P


  • Crimson

    Wow. Very moving. I teared up watching this. Nothing like brutal honesty….sadly missing from most musicians in the spotlight these days.

  • Andrew

    Check out his CNN interview. Much respect to Mike.