Have You Donated to one of the ‘Worst Charities in America?’

America's Worst Charities,Credit: Wikipedia

It’s that time of year…The season of giving/making last second tax write-offs is upon us and many nonprofits are begging for your money. Many of them are doing tremendous work and deserve the money you donate. Others, not so much.

How often are you approached or receive a phone call asking for a donation to a charity? Chances are, fairly often. How often do you know if the charity blows that money or is actually using it to create the change they claim? Thankfully, the Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) have identified the “Worst Charities in America” so people can help avoid throwing away their hard-earned money.

CIR and Tampa Times ranked the charities by the amount of money they blew on soliciting costs, which were gathered from the latest 10 years of tax filings. The Kids Wish Network ranks as the #1 worst, which hands over an incomprehensible, 84% of money donated to the fundraisers.

Hopefully, this will help people out there be a bit more conscious about which organizations get your donations. I know it has helped me.


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