Playing Through the Pain

via Dystopia Diaries:

Emergency responders will tell you that pain is actually a good sign in trauma victims–the fact that nerves haven’t been destroyed leaves open the hope that injuries might be substantially repaired. But your typical lay person may not recognize this.

Andrea Tantaros doesn’t want to deal with this. She just wants the pain of America’s illegal and immoral torture programs to be over, hoping that simply shouting “America is awesome” will make it so. Although this attitude is dangerous and wrong-headed, she’s far from alone in this.

Contemporary society in general does not honor ‘playing through the pain’. It regards discomfort and inconvenience with unmitigated fear and disgust. It’s all a part of a consumerist world view that has rejected life in an infantile effort to ward off the inevitability of challenge and change; the only thing Americans value is immediate satisfaction of their personal wants.

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