Tom Ford’s Phallus Shaped Crucifix Necklace Released in Time for Christmas; Outraged Christians Blast ‘Sick’ Pendant

tom ford pendant

(C) Tom Ford

Surely designer crucidicks are on your Christmas wish list? Or not, perhaps, if you are one of the outraged Christians protesting the new Tom Ford penis pendant, as reported by Christian Post:

Flamboyant fashion designer Tom Ford sparked outrage recently following the launch of his new collection of phallic crucifix necklaces.

The pendant is shaped like a phallus and resembles a crucifix. Outraged Christians have blasted the unusual jewelry as “blasphemous,” with some even calling it an attack on Christianity.

The necklace is available in either silver or 18-karat white gold, according to Ford’s website, and it comes in small, medium and large sizes. It is priced at $790 and has come just in time for Christmas, which has fueled even more outrage.

“This, ladies and gents, is the epitome of blasphemy against Christ Jesus,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Just in time for Christmas, a way to say “screw Christ,” the Savior of the World. this is Sick. Just Sick …” another complained.

“There are some vicious, hateful anti-Christian stunts that are beyond outrageous. This is one of them,” one tweet read.

Some reports claim the necklace is being marketed as a “kinky Christmas present,” which is not surprising considering Ford is renowned for his controversial marketing strategies…

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