AOD: Assholes On Demand

Many of you may know Erik Martin from his time as Reddit’s General Manager. Little known fact: Erik also used to do some marketing for us here at disinformation. He’s a great guy and wants to help anyone who’s having some customer service problems, perhaps at America’s least popular company (Time Warner Cable). His new venture is called Assholes On Demand, and this is what they do:

Assholes on Demand helps people navigate the confusing and frustrating world of customer service and get what you deserve. We’re caring and resourceful assholes* who will help you fight your battles. You’re not alone and you aren’t going crazy.


Assholes on Demand currently only accepts pro bono cases. We specialize in helping senior citizens, active duty military, and non-English speakers.

If you or a loved one have no where else to turn, contact us — maybe we can help. If you’re an asshole, volunteer with usand put your powers to good use.

We’re like the X-Men, but for assholes!

*Ok. We’re not really assholes, but we know when to not use our nice voice.


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