What We Learned From The Sony Hack

It feels like each day we still hear about the devastating Sony Hack, which leaked countless files about the company and its projects. We have learned a lot from the files leaked.

Some key things we learned from the hack include:

But as pointed out in the Huffington Post, this past week, the Sony Hack wasn’t even one of the biggest data breaches of 2014. It was, in fact, the thirty-third largest of 2014 as shown below in the list of the top 50 data breaches of 2014.

The hacks we should probably be more worried about are those involving the companies many people actually use. Some even on a daily basis. These include eBay (which was on the receiving end of the largest hack of 2014), JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Goodwill, and even the US Postal Service.

Unfortunately, most of the news media has completely ignored these larger data breaches that affect us. But am I surprised? Not really. Reporting on celebrities has now become “news,” rather than events that impact the rest of us and that is probably the most important thing we learned from this.


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