Uber Problems

It seems like each day we hear about another problem for Uber. Over the past year, Uber has faced numerous regulatory issues and consistent bad publicity. Issues such as spying on journalists, pushing drivers into subprime auto loans, and being banned in some countries are just a few issues that come to mind. See the map below if you need a refresher about their many recent public relations gems.

In fact, Uber faced more regulatory conflicts in 2014 than all previous years of its existence combined.

Perhaps the most disturbing issue is that Uber has profited at the expense of the safety of some of their customers. In New Delhi, Uber has been banned after an Uber driver was accused of raping a 25 year old woman. According to a Change.org petition, the driver was a repeat offender, previously spending seven months in jail for sexual assault. Unlike in the United States, Uber does not run background checks on their drivers in India. And as a consequence, a young woman was placed in danger and raped.

This is unacceptable. For this reason, I have signed the Change.org petition demanding that Uber mandate a 7 year background check for all company drivers in India, like they do in the United States. I encourage you to take action as well. The petition can be found here: https://www.change.org/p/travis-kalanick-uber-stop-the-double-standards-mandate-a-7-year-background-check-for-all-uber-drivers-in-india-like-in-the-us


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