Voodoo Village of Memphis, TN

Welcome to Memphis, Tennessee!  Home of…

 Graceland, Beale Street, Wolfchase Galleria…  and Voodoo Village

This one is for Matt Staggs.

When you live in the Memphis area eventually you hear about Voodoo Village.  Located on the southwest edge of the city at the end of Mary Angela Rd., the odd location has even had a local jazz band adopt its name.

Searching YouTube will bring you a surprising number of videos and Google reveals that Haunted America Tours includes it on their site and paranormal researcher/blogger Marthe Decker have visited it as recently as last March (2014).  (The jazz band Voodoo Village isn’t bad either- see below.)

Voodoo Village does have an address, but when looked for, it is difficult to find.  Street signs have been removed, the road’s name has been changed, and the streets are overgrown on either side by small crowded trees that lend to the feeling of anxiety as one approaches the area.

There are other factors that help to create the anxiety, such as the Cajun voodoo and hoodoo practiced in not-too-far-off Louisiana. Memphis also has a strong gang presence, and it even took the title of America’s Most Dangerous City from Detroit three years running. This is all not to mention the legend of Voodoo Village itself.  Indeed everyone in town who knows the legend has a friend, or a friend of a friend, who had this or that happen to them.

The stuff that legends are made of, but as with most legends there is a basis to it.  The site was the home of “Doc” Wash Harris, who some say was a practitioner of voodoo, others say it was hoodoo — his son says it was a gift of God.  VoodooVillage’s actual name is St. Paul’s Spiritual Temple, but few in Memphis know it by that name.  Indeed in Memphis these days the whole area where Voodoo Village is located has come to be known as Voodoo Village and the anxiety begins as you enter that area.

Is it merely artwork by “Doc” Wash’s son in tribute to the nebulous talent his father seemed to possess, or is it something more?  As usual we must leave it to the Disnfonaut to decide for his or her self