Am I A Psy-Op & Don’t Even Know It?


JC Collins writes at philosophyofmetrics:

Since starting this site on New Years Eve, 2013, a mere 14 1/2 months ago, I’ve received some strange and bizarre messages in the comments section.  As I have chosen to moderate the comments, there are many that do not make it to the screen.  There are many reasons for this.

Some are racists, while others are outright criminal.  Occasionally messages from space aliens and planet gods from other dimensions make their way into the pending post section.  Sometimes it’s simply the same old tired rant against Jews.  Considering my wife is half Jewish (the other half is Egyptian, which made for confusing Passover celebrations when she was growing up), I could never take such comments seriously.

Other times people will send me links or copies of something written elsewhere.  Most of these things are derogatory comments about me or the site.  My three sons, who are all young men now, often stumble across things on the internet about me, things like I’m an Illuminati shill, and part of the Collins Illuminati family.  Jeez, I wish.  They call or text me while laughing their heads off at the ridiculousness of it all.

Most of these accusations and theories are so absurd that they don’t warrant attention of any kind.  But every once in awhile something crosses my path which encourages me to respond.  Not because it has hit a nerve, but only because it is so effortlessly dismantled that it can actually be used to re-enforce the intent and purpose of this site.  And not just for me, but for all the readers and commenters who truly engage and place meaning on the exchanges which take place here.

This comment, which was posted on some other site, somewhere out there, at some time in the very recent past, and sent to me late this afternoon, goes like this:

“philosophy of metrics is one of the more clever psyops out there… and for that reason, one of the more dangerous.”

“People long to know what will happen. Someone with the guile… or pizazz to pull it off can leverage that human frailty to create a dazzling diagram… in the form of the kind of ‘total package’ which gives folks a sense of sureness… and appeals to their associated weakness to ‘be in the know.’ A cult is born.”

“Solid research… well presented… and absolutely no tolerance of dissent… or alternate takes. Adulation required… not dialougue. That’s your signal bout pofm. Back up and get out… or take what you can out of it and leave the rest. Unfortunately few have the staying power – or will – to do the latter. Following is easier… and in the short term… perhaps more ‘rewarding’.”

“Of the two poles currently allowed in this debate … over the what the future holds… one posits that behind the scenes sits a puppetmaster pulling all the strings in sequence… every move planned in advance. Many an intellectually inclined person falls for it… the intricacies of the storyline appeal to their vanity.”

“The other storyline has a chaotic, uncontrolled meltdown of ‘unintended consequences’ … and bumbling fools in charge of every ring of the circus. Add to that a comic book type of good guy/bad guy pastiche… and you have a winning recipe for stealing the attention of anyone wanting to spare themselves from thinking.”

“Both are part of the psy-op… and the leninist strategy of controlling both sides of every debate. Very very few of you will fail to ‘pick a team.’ Just remember … neither side will be delivering what they promised you.”

The first obvious thing about the comment is that my site, which would include myself I suppose, is a Psy-Op. I did not know that.  But now I do.

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