Tackling the ET question: Project Camelot and Robbie Graham

“The Cult of Nick podcast” has been going for a few years now. It launched on Disinfo, in 2012. Back then it contained work taken from my archive. For a few years in the UK, I was fortunate enough to be paid to present a national radio show on the sort of topics that fascinate me: occultism, UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, conspiracy theories.  The show was called “The Night Before” and ran on a UK station called “Kerrang Radio“. We made the international news after interviewing Edgar Mitchell, he announced UFOs were real and governments were covering it up. The interview itself is not my finest hour, his announcement came at the end of an hour long session where we mainly discussed him going to the moon. I keep shouting “wow, that’s amazing”. It’s my attempt to throttle the mainstream audience and remind them that this is a high caliber witness telling us all something incredible.

Despite moving on to do a news talk show in London on LBC, where such subjects were effectively off limits, I always retained my fascination with the subculture. Now that period of my life is over it’s been a pleasant twist to be able to revive the more esoteric topics online.

We now pull in a small audience of around 2.5k listeners each week. It could be giddy optimism but the figures are on a steep incline at the moment and it sort of feels like things are starting to take off.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve spoken to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot about ETs:

And Robbie Graham about the UFO phenomena:

As well as this week discussing the BBC’s coverage of 9/11:

Have a listen, get drawn in, leave your friends and family behind and become a fully paid up member of The Discordian The Cult Of Nick.

Nick Margerrison

I write on Disinfo for fun, I've been a fan of the company for years.

In the real world I'm a freelance TV/radio presenter. I've worked for LBC, Kerrang Radio, The Bay, Edge Media TV, Hallam FM and The BBC.

My podcast is here: http://thecultofnick.libsyn.com/