Jel Ena’s Dark Erotic Dreamscapes


Jel Ena “Lacrimosa”

“Jel Ena is a Serbian born multi-media artist based in LA. Her darkly erotic visualizations are enchanting, projecting characters with feminine mystique of epic proportions. Jel Ena’s illustrations capture complex emotions and the mythology of desire and color. Her ability to capture flesh and light is remarkable, drawing the viewer always further into her dark, sensual dreamscape.”


“Jel Ena’s work displays a mastery of the figure and color. Her style is instantly recognizable and extraordinarily matchless in its visualization. Utilizing her mastery of acrylic/oil paints, pastels, graphite and colored pencils; intricate emotions and hyper surreal visions are born and enchant every viewer into her dark sensual dreamscape.”


“Jel Ena is a classically trained artist intimate with the architecture of anatomy. The reflected light in shadows and the volume of surfaces. Complex emotions captured in the mirrors of eyes. A sensual mythology of desire and color. Livid flesh rendered with brush and pencil.”

— Scott Reeves, writer, poet

Jel Ena’s website:

All works copyrighted to the artist Jel Ena.

forest_creatures_by_medusainfurs-d36 for WEB_o

Jel Ena “forest_creatures”

Liliy No-Face

Jel Ena “Liliy No-Face”

Little Mermaid Jel Ena 2015

Jel Ena “Little Mermaid”


Jel Ena “Salome”


Jel Ena “Rong”

Jel_Ena_Heavy_Heart_2015 shp

Jel Ena Heavy Heart”

Aeterna smsig 2015

Jel Ena “Aeterna”


Jel Ena “Metal Gods”

annunciation w lil phshop_o

Jel Ena “annunciation”

Satyr smsig Jel Ena 2011_o

Jel Ena “Satyr”

White Rabbit - Jel Ena 2012

Jel Ena “White Rabbit”

Birth Jel Ena 2012_o

Jel Ena “Birth”

Red wip

Jel Ena “Red”

Confidante smsig Jel Ena 2013_o

Jel Ena “Confidante”

Capezzoli di Venere Jel Ena 2013 brighter_o

Jel Ena “Capezzoli di Venere”

Medusa-s Dream smsig for WEB  Jel Ena 2013

Jel Ena “Medusa-s Dream”

Juno small  Jel Ena 2013_905

Jel Ena “Juno”

Blue Rider framed lighter bg_905

Jel Ena “Blue Rider”

Clarimonde smsig for web Jel Ena 2013_905

Jel Ena “Clarimonde”


Jel Ena “Sánguinum_Aqua”

Jel Ena - Terris Ardentibus_905

Jel Ena “Terris Ardentibus”


Jel Ena “Cries-and-Whispers”

Will You Love Me Tomorrow Jel Ena 2014 darker for web_905

Jel Ena “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”


Jel Ena “Adams Apple”


Jel Ena “Handless_Maiden”