Open Source — A Nexus for Art and Local Neighborhood Cultures Presents — Yun-Woo Choi: Endless, Seamless


May 2 – May 31, 2015

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 2pm – 7pm

Open Source Gallery, Inc – 501(c)(3) Organization

306 17th street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, 646 279 3969







Yun-Woo Choi presents “Endless, Seamless,” an installation for Open Source Gallery:

Given the ubiquity of printed matter in daily life, it is no wonder that people often become more concerned with the representation of a thing than the thing itself. In pop culture, print and images in the pages of magazines and newspapers illustrate our world through depictions of cars, celebrities, and lifestyles. In religion, many believe that the Holy Bible, Koran, and Buddhist scripts exist as sacred objects. Yet, constructed out of symbolic language, all of these texts and images only function as a kind of map, a tangible object that points to an existence outside of our four-dimensional perception. According to philosopher William James, there are two ways of knowing things: immediately and intuitively or conceptually and representatively. By folding, tearing, and combining, Yun- Woo Choi obfuscates the meanings constructed in two-dimensional printed material in an attempt to deliver intuitive feelings to the viewer.

Philosopher Ken Wilber posits that thought and text represent a process of compressing three-dimensional reality into a two-dimensional illusion of the real world. Objectivity becomes an impossibility if one’s own thoughts always translate the world into subjective representation. In theoretical physics, scientists discuss theories involving eleven space-time dimensions that cannot be perceived, yet exist all around us. Within these dimensions, there would exist a multitude of ways to perceive and exist in the world. Choi takes these theories into consideration to speculate about the possibility for one to exist in multiple realities where invisible and untouchable subjective concepts such as emotions may manifest physically, supported by different laws of physics.



ABOUT OPEN SOURCE: by the open source movement in technology–which promotes freely shared educational software and information — Open Source Gallery applies a similar philosophy to create an approachable space dedicated to contemporary visual art.  Open Source is a Brooklyn-based non-profit that serves as a nexus for art and local neighborhood cultures.  We support emerging artists who challenge how, when, and where art intersects and integrates with the everyday lives of everyday people, placing strong emphasis on public, socially engaged artwork, sustainable communities, and social justice.

Since opening our doors in 2008, Open Source has served hundreds of artists, received funding from local, state, and private sources, and has been featured in local, national, and international press, such as the New York Times, Hyperallergic, Art in America, and BOMB Blog.



Open Source Gallery is located in a two-bay carriage house that has been converted into an exhibition space.  Our gallery is located in a residential neighborhood and its large doors open onto the street, inviting in passersby that may not ordinarily seek out an art experience.  We strive to use the space to its fullest potential, allowing artists the opportunity to experiment within our raw, flexible space and engage with an intergenerational, multicultural community.

Each month, we host events dedicated to creating dialogue about art in the community alongside the exhibits on view. Our children’s workshops (offered 5 days a week at the Beam Center and in 10 schools throughout NYC) focus on the relationship between art, technology and sustainability, encouraging children to innovate and think critically.  During our monthly lecture series, cHURCH OF MONIKA, scholars and members of the community are invited to discuss the role that art plays in the community. Our monthly storytelling series, How to Build a Fire, involves audiences in modern-day folktales and the spoken tradition.  Each year in December during our Soup Kitchen program, artists host a one night show at Open Source and cook a meal to be shared with the community, transforming eating and talking into a communal art piece.