Talk With The Dead Using New Virtual-Reality Software

elysiumBlack Mirror fans, doesn’t Project Elysium, VR software enabling you to talk with the dead, remind you of “Be Right Back,” the first episode of the second season in which a young widow signs up for a new online service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased? Needless to say, the outcome was quite bizarre; what’s the prognosis for Project Elysium then? MarketWatch reports on this real world software:

Communing with deceased loved ones usually involves a visit to the graveyard. Project Elysium, by Paranormal Games, is attempting to turn the experience into a 3D virtual-reality simulation.

Paranormal Games is the brainchild of Steve Koutsouliotas and Nick Stavrou. Before Project Elysium, they released titles such as “Flappy Ears” (in which a player takes the role of big-eared Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and dodges spiky pillars, using only the flapping power of his ears), and Dead Kitty Racket (in which you … yes, hit dead kittens with a racket). Judging from their previous endeavors, Project Elysium will either be an interesting or bizarre experience.

Either way, the team seems to be serious about it. The project was a way for the two to cope with the loss of their fathers. They envision Project Elysium to be the world’s first virtual sanctuary.

When asked to provide details about the future of the project on the ChallengePost website, they shared the following details. (This is a slightly edited version.):

“Project Elysium … has three services that we aim to offer in our current model. The main service is clients working with a consultant to build an Elysium Project of their deceased loved one. The other is creating an Elysium Project for a living client to leave behind for their loved ones. The third is a mass-market experience where we would build a specific Elysium project of, for example, Elvis in one of his films and release these projects to the public for them to experience. The prototype that we are building is an experience where you take the role of a spectator. You get to see a simulation of how the experience and interaction for a client and their deceased loved one would work.”

So how does it look now? Let’s say it’s still a work in progress. The project was submitted on April 19 to compete in the Oculus VR Jam 2015, so there’s still time to fine-tune the software…


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