Disinformation featured artist: Mu Pan and Humanity’s Fundamental Need for Narrative


Spider Woman。2015. 30″ x 44″Acrylic on paper.

Artist Statement

Mu Pan, born 1976, lives in Brooklyn NY

My work is quite simply about telling stories; stories in actual history, stories in imaginative history, and stories about human nature. I strongly believe in humanity’s fundamental need for narrative in visual imagery. To tell my stories, I often utilize animal forms, anthropomorphic or otherwise, in an effort to show the viewer the folly of human beings and the boundless power of animals. I draw references from the histories of China, Japan, and the United States, all of which have had a huge influence on my upbringing. Having been born into a military family, I am fascinated by battle scenes. Many such scenes in my work point to the irrevocable mistakes humans have made in the past. I re-create the historical scenarios in my own interpretation, perhaps to lament what we can no longer make up for, or perhaps to imagine that justice can prevail, if only in my image.

Technically I utilize drawing for all my work, even when it takes the form of painting or paper sculpture. Drawing is like my native language; it is what I grew up with and the language in which I can best express myself. I believe that drawing can be a final art form, not just a method for sketching and rough drafts, and I try to prove this through my work.


M.F.A. with honors 2007 Illustration as Visual Essay School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
B.F.A. 2001 Illustration School of Visual Arts, New York, NY


Spring 2007 Catherine Rhodes Scholarship
Fall 2006 MFA Illustration Department Merit Scholarship
Spring 2006 MFA Illustration Department Merit Scholarship
Spring 2001 Alumni Scholarship Awards


April 2012 The The Way of The Dog, 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, New York
April 2011 The Other Mountain and The Other Sea, KunstRaum H&H, Cologne, Germany

October 2011 La Luz de Jesus 25th Anniversary Group Show, Los Angeles, CA
July 2011 Silly Season 2011, KunstRaum H&H, Cologne, Germany
March 2011 UNICEF’s Tap Project, Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA
March 2011 Verge: Art Brooklyn, New York, NY
July 2010 Silly Season 2010, KunstRaum H&H, Cologne, Germany
December 2009 GEISAI Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
April 2009 Papershapers, Scion Installation LA, Los Angeles, CA
December 2008 Friends, Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts LLC, New York, NY
May 2007 Senior Thesis Show, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
January 2007 To All My Relations, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
* Two-persons show with Esther Pearl Watson
October 2006 The Book Show, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
June 2005 The Ghost and Specters, Compound Gallery, Portland, OR
* Two-persons show with Kenichi Hoshine
February 2004 Meathaus @ Meltdown Group Show, Meltdown Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
November 2003 The Social Affair Group Show, Memphis University, Memphis, TN

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Sharkuza.. 2015. 30″ x 44″Acrylic on paper.


Flying Bats 2015. 48″ x 36″Acrylic on wood. 飛天蝙蝠。2015


Daniel Wolfe’s CATCH ME DADDY poster painting。2014. 30″ x 40″Acrylic on paper.


Asiatic Black Bears 2014. 30″ x 40″Acrylic on paper. 台灣黑熊。2014


Mountain is Greeb, Water is Blue。2014. 26″ x 40″Acrylic on paper. 高山青,澗水藍。2014


Mu Pan’s 5 TigerGenerals,Guan Yu。2014. 18″ x 14″Acrylic on wood. 潘慕文五虎上將,關云長。2014


A Yeren is Leaping Forward. 2014. Acrylic on wood, 36″ x 48″. 野人大躍進。2014.


Loving You For 10000 Years 2013. Acrylic on wood, 18″ x 24″ 愛你一萬年。2013.