Canary App Tells You If You’re Too Stoned To Drive

If you’re a stoner and a driver you might want to check out the new app Canary being touted by NORML. Fast Company reviews:

Last week, NORML, a group dedicated to legalizing marijuana announced a new iPhone app designed to prevent stoned driving.

The app, called Canary, allows users to determine whether they’re in a suitable condition to drive. It runs through a battery of tests: remembering a sequence of numbers, balancing on one foot, playing a digital whack-a-mole game, and then estimating a time period of 20 seconds. By comparing the results against a personal baseline or a collective average, users receive a green, yellow, or red light assessing their level of functioning.

Drivers can be impaired by factors as diverse as fatigue, alcohol, or legal medications, but NORML is plugging it as a way for potential drivers to determine whether they are too high to drive, which has proven to be a confounding issue as more states allow medical and recreational marijuana.

The developer is Marc Silverman, a former engineer and medical device executive. He’s not employed by NORML, but agreed to partner with the organization. Since the announcement last week, he says Canary, which costs $4.99, has been downloaded thousands of times, though of course it’s impossible to tell if it has kept anyone from driving impaired, or prevented any accidents…

[continues at Fast Company]


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