‘VR is going to yield this staggering orgasm of the new’

Are you excited about Virtual Reality, which is finally available to consumers? Not as excited as John Riccitiello, I’ll wager, who says “VR is going to yield this staggering orgasm of the new,” per Gamesindustry.biz:

Unity CEO John Riccitiello on the company’s role in building a market for VR software, and why he’s no fan of the “sour grapes” offered by the cynics.

John Riccitiello (CC)


The entire market for game engines has started to look an awful lot like Unity Technologies. Companies like Epic and Crytek have pushed for more diverse platforms, more open pricing models, and more accessibility for smaller teams, but always two steps behind the pace-setter, behind Unity. Indeed, one gets the feeling that every major player in the market would rattle on about “democratising game development” if David Helgason, Joachim Ante and Nicholas Francis hadn’t adopted it as their mantra a decade ago.

However, Unity’s own trajectory shouldn’t be ignored, either. The iconoclastic company has been open about its desire to support AAA game development for a long time, using the stage at its annual Unite conference to showcase the increasingly impressive results of its labour. Ultimately, it seemed there was a danger of the big engine companies were heading towards the same ill-defined middle ground, shedding their distinctive qualities in the process.

“It’s interesting that a company like Valve, which makes its own engine, is showing demos for VR, and all but one is built with Unity”

David Helgason, who stepped down from his role as CEO of Unity in October last year, was generally evasive when it came to questions about the competition. John Riccitiello, the former CEO of EA and Helgason’s successor, is a little more game.

“We’re putting more energy and more engineering into this business than any [competing] company by a wide margin,” he says when we meet following his first ever Unite keynote. “So I actually think the advantage we have expands over time. I don’t see any meeting in the middle, because that’s not the vector we’re on…

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