Our World is a Metaphorical Representation of Higher Dimensional Space

Transdimensional Architecture IEarlier in the year, an essay of mine ended up being featured in a compendium of psychedelic writing compiled by Graham Hancock. It’s an incredibly worthwhile read that I recommend checking out to anyone (The Divine Spark, which you can pick up here). I could actually go on and on about the thing. In particular, Graham’s stories of dealing with dark ayahuasca entities and the piece about the prevailing concept of the holy trinity throughout various mystical traditions (The Soul Cluster: Reconsideration of a Millenia Old Concept, if you’re curious). The funny thing about this is that I’m also an Occultist and if my work was featured in an Occult compilation, I probably wouldn’t even mention it to anyone. Man, what passes for the Occult these days is some seriously embarrassing bullshit. Monotheism won. They slandered the art of summoning your Holy Guardian Entities with a dark creepster veneer so effectively that it’s become an absolute fucking joke.

Welcome to the dark ages of the spirit.

And yet, I will somewhat begrudgingly refer to myself as an Occultist until the day I die for a couple of reasons. One, I was summoned into this ancient tradition. (Long story, which you can read about in my book super cheap, I may have mentioned this before.) Because of that, I have a certain commitment to the history. Two, there are some basic concepts underlying the Occult that can help us explain the world in which we live. They are quite potent in their simplicity.

Hey, what does the pentagram mean? Satan worship? No, it actually represents the idea that every human is a microcosmic representation of the multiverse. We’re all aspiring gods, burgeoning stars. At least people are getting their I-love-selfishness-and-shitty-drugs idiocy right these days. Now, goth kids and death metal bros tend to, at least, rock the inverted pentagram on their Hot Topic t-shirts, to which I say:

“Yeah man, college football, Wall Street, the war machine! Go team upside down pentagram! Triumph of materialism over the spirit!”

I don’t think the pentagram actually means rebelling against the church like you think it does. In fact, it sort of means playing right into their hands. It’s a brilliant mechanism of repression really. I’ve got to give the daemon lords credit. It’s with the grace of God that they created this ingenious script for higher dimensional suppression that we’re currently presented with. Seriously, we don’t even remotely understand the concept of As Above So Below (or as within, so without) as a species. And it’s not a tough concept. Christ, Hollywood came out with an As Above So Below horror movie just last year (same thing they do with everything else Occult related), yet again quite hilariously missing the point. Here’s a clue, much like the pentagram, it represents the idea that our world is a metaphorical representation of higher dimensional space.

Speaking of space, as I found myself looking at pictures of Pluto a few weeks back and then most unfortunately reading about a Russian simpleton’s $100 million double down on the utterly worthless SETI project. I couldn’t help but shrug my shoulders (Stephen Hawking, smart guy in some ways, simultaneously a complete moron in others, someone’s gotta say it). I mean, you expect this sort of ridiculous shit and know there’s little you can do about it, but it’s still fundamentally shocking to someone like me in its alarming myopia. I’ve been shown, quite specifically, that our world is a parody, and we aren’t pulling out of this black comedic nose dive anytime soon.

Think about it, no one is ever going to go to Pluto. It wouldn’t even be fun if we could. There’s nothing there for us. In the meantime, everyone spends half their life asleep and we still have zero cogent explanation for what dreams are exactly, let alone lucid dreams, let alone out of body experiences, let alone what I like to call astral contact encounters. We have our depressing materialist theories and none of them stand up to any sort of scrutinizing evidence, which is why they’re just theories and no one’s truly claiming otherwise. Hey, what about near death experiences? Last time I checked, everyone’s gonna die and absolutely no one is ever going to fucking Pluto, ever. But this stuff gets the funding, and hey, it’s not like I wasn’t glued to my computer checking it out. It’s cool fodder for art if nothing else, just, you know, really really expensive fodder.

And don’t even get me started on SETI. It is funny that I did a few posts poking fun at Carl Sagan months before I even realized there was going to be a reboot of Cosmos. Seriously, I had zero clue that was happening, but in doing so I took some of my reader’s advice and actually read a good chunk of his lame-ass supposed classic The Demon-Haunted World. Having done that I can resolutely say that his ideas in regards to aliens are utterly batshit irrational. Here’s what Sagan thought in a nutshell:

A) Aliens exist

B) The aliens that exist have absolutely nothing to do with alien contact encounters studied by people like the late Harvard professor John E. Mack, crop circles, out of body experiences, UFO sightings, etc. As a matter of fact, most supposed alien abduction experiences can be attributed to sleep paralysis, but there’s no reason for science to study sleep paralysis in any depth because it’s “not real.”

C) We can contact the aliens that do exist by shooting radio signals into space. Conveniently, contact with extraterrestrials has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned phenomenon.

The thing is, we’ve now tried that fairly extensively with zero results whatsoever. So he was wrong pretty much. That’d be one way of interpreting the data. The funny thing is that there are a few weird stories from SETI that I’ve read, but of course everyone in mainstream science just completely ignores them. Even I have a hard time separating the fact from the fiction there. Soooo what’s the point then? Oh yeah, none. Why on earth can’t some benevolent billionaire donate that kind of scratch to DMT research? How about my theory that we can contact extra-dimensional forms of intelligence through weed based sex magick? Shit, it wasn’t even my theory but rather a long standing Occult tradition, I just replicated the results (again with the book you can buy super cheap). Hell, this sort of consciousness exploration costs next to nothing. Give me a modest stipend and I’ll beam back more information from the upper stratospheres of consciousness by tomorrow afternoon than SETI will in another hundred years.

Or, since I’m such a good guy, I’ll just freaking write about it on the internet for free (magick updates run of FB, friend me). The Occult Sciences get no respect. There is no inner space program. If there was, we’d probably have at least a basic functional grasp on the As Above So Below model of the multiverse. This is, again, the idea that our world is a metaphorical representation of the heavens. We’re in a god training program. The narrative that’s embedded itself into our world is an overarching parody of higher dimensional functioning. Get hip with the program kids. All language is interconnected and the more you think about a person as a plotline or narrative, the less you’ll think about them as a body and the closer to the cosmic consciousness you’ll become. You’re never going to learn this stuff in school. Academics call it crazy but watch how it makes perfect sense in these 3 levels of contemporary context:

The Internet

The internet is a metaphorical representation of, again, the fact that all consciousness is connected. Why do you think we willed all this synthetic telepathy into existence exactly? Why did this particular story prevail over, say, easily accessible space travel or personalized hover boards? Why do you think it spread so fast and dirty? It did because it symbolically represents what say Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. Again, if you think this idea is completely out of left field keep in mind that I did just reference a guy who spent a lot more time studying psychology than either you or I ever will. Oh, and guess what? In my mind, his theory was blatantly confirmed by remote viewing. Before you just immediately shit on that concept because of all the popular pseudo-skeptical propaganda, maybe go read up on it a bit (NOT ON WIKIPEDIA, maybe try Jim Schnabel’s book on the topic or the works of Dean Radin). Better yet, try it. I did once and it absolutely worked in a very “odds like one in a billion” sort of way. It might not be consistently effective as a data gathering tool, but it fucking works and is entirely repeatable. The fact that it works means that consciousness is in fact connected on a level we currently don’t understand. Just an indication that, again, all of this synthetic telepathy we currently wield at our fingertips is just that, synthetic. The real thing is weirder and more delicious than anything most of us can currently comprehend, but we’re never going to access it by building math robots, that’s for sure. What is the point to all that anyway? Oh yeah, to replace the human workforce and bring about societal collapse. Never mind, carry on then. Which actually conveniently brings me to:

Wealth Inequality

Again, this is stuff I’ve had beamed into my experience via calculated dream transmission. As far as I can tell, our current level of utterly mind-boggling wealth inequality appears to be a comedic representation of the structure of the higher realms. It’s funny because if you read classic Occult texts of antiquity by the likes of Abramelin or King Solomon, you’ll find that a constant theme resonates. Daemonic forms of intelligence comprise our world, but they’re bound to obey the angelick strains who are essentially their bosses. It’s why I laugh when I see creepster Occultists selling themselves out to daemons. It’s like, yeah, wow, keep working at it yo. Someday you might make junior manager at McDonald’s. And that’s what our entire world is, a shit job. You think the people at the top ever get their hands dirty down here? Riiiight. You have to have a purity of spirit to command the light of god and without it, daemons are just going to use your dumb ass for their own repressive purposes. Again, I didn’t make this shit up, it’s right there in the books. When an invading army blows the shit out of your town and rapes your women, who was really responsible? Was it the soldiers? Last time I checked, they didn’t start the wars. Hell, they barely even make a living off it. Meanwhile, punk motherfuckers back in the suburbs working desk jobs party like there’s no tomorrow. Fun trips around the world for the entire family. Million dollar weddings. Cocaine orgies all around. The metaphor’s pretty heavy handed, but again, it’s a galactic parody. Things aren’t nearly as ridiculously out of whack as they are down here, but there certainly is a rather profound narrative about the exploitative nature of the larger reality trying to break through. Reptilians and Greys, you get the picture. It’s all connected and I’m actually guessing our angelick overseers sort of want the world to go to shit. It’s the only way we’ll learn.

 Our Increasingly Art-Centric Lifestyles

One thing I never hear anyone of the more hard science-y persuasion mention is that we’ve been continually evolving toward more art-centric lifestyles, and that this process is accelerating at an increasingly rapid clip. Seriously, even the most boring of rubes most likely consumes more art of some variety on a day-to-day basis than nearly anyone did like 100 years back. We’re constantly bombarded with it and the internet has taken it to an entirely new level of surreality. At the very least, nearly everyone unwinds on the weekends by watching TV programs or movies, and nearly everyone also owns an iPod and jams while they’re in the car. One might even theorize from this that the entire purpose of science is to serve art. Look at the way famous actors and musicians are treated vs. famous scientists. Who do all the pretty ladies want to fuck? Who has all the Twitter followers?

So why is that exactly? Well, it’s a metaphor for our inborn desire to attain godhood, and the gods are made of art essentially. They communicate by means of telepathically projected subjective metaphor which, well, resembles the narrative structure of our films, albums, YouTube videos, etc. That’s the best way we can understand higher dimensional functioning. This is also why thinking about the universe in an entirely objective and literal manner blinds us so. No, you can’t understand everything by looking at the world from an objective literal point-of-view, and the very idea that you can is pretty ridiculous. Science deals in easily repeatable phenomenon. Last time I checked, you’re never going to live the same day twice. Your inner dialogue is never going to perfectly replicate itself exactly from one day to the next.

Another way of putting that would be, basic aspects of everyday life can’t be replicated in a science lab. If there’s more than a bit of a snotty/condescending tone to this entire piece, then it’s a calculated and metaphorical trick that I’m using to mimic the manner by which anyone who espouses the value of alternative spiritual practices is treated by mainstream society on a regular basis. Call me woo one more time motherfucker, see what happens. I’m an Occultist and the Occult sciences have become an absolute joke. Until we figure out that maybe, just maybe, there’s some incredibly valuable wisdom lurking in those hallowed books we all superstitiously consider a threat to society or “fairy tale nonsense,” we’re all sort of fucked as a species. The art gods are going to beam that lesson into our heads until we never forget. In a way, Carl Sagan was right, we do live in a daemon haunted world, the dude just didn’t know which side he was writing for. Occultists and artists didn’t build the atom bomb, nor did they design predator drones. Think about it.

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