First Live TV Exorcism on Halloween Eve


Exorcisms have been shown on television before, but this Halloween Eve, Destination America will air the first ever live exorcism. Of a house. Unfortunately this isn’t quite as exciting as the exorcism of a person. It also doesn’t appear to be sanctioned by the Catholic Church, if that would legitimize the event for you.

Aptly named, Exorcism: Live!, will feature the team of Destination America’s Ghost Asylum as they travel to the house that inspired the 1973 horror classic, The Exorcist. Along with psychic medium, Chip Coffey, the group will attempt to rid the evil spirits lurking in the St. Louis home which housed the exorcism of Roland Doe in 1949.

The exorcism of Roland Doe was the inspiration for William Peter Blatty’s book and the subsequent Hollywood film. The anonymous boy, identified only as Roland Doe in documents, was reportedly an only child who relied on adults for playmates. Doe’s Aunt Harriet, a spiritualist, introduced him to the ouija board after he expressed interest in it.

Some have dismissed Doe’s case as the antics of a deeply disturbed boy, but others such as Christian academics, Terry D. Cooper and Cindy K. Epperson “dismissed skeptical explanations in favor of a theological perspective regarding the nature of evil.”

It will air 10/30 at 9/8c. Set your DVRs now. Or not.

h/t Mediaite | Unexplained Mysteries.