For Pluto ‘Truthers,’ the New Horizons Mission Is Only the Latest Lie

The latest in the ever-expanding cast of “truthers” are Pluto truthers, who apparently think that NASA is hiding something. From Newsweek:

Southwest Research Institute waited for their piano-sized New Horizons space probe to pass by Pluto. It finally reached the dwarf planet last month and beamed photos back to Earth from billions of miles away. The stunning images captivated the scientific community, revealing ice mountains, frozen tundras and other never-before-seen details on Pluto’s surface. Stunning, that is, if the scientists are telling the truth.

There’s a small but vocal group of conspiracists—bloggers have taken to calling them “Pluto Truthers”—who claim the recent images are fake. In fact, they argue, New Horizons is simply the latest bogus galactic mission to deceive the public, perhaps to divert tax money to more secretive or nefarious government projects. That trickery is nothing new, they charge; it goes all the way back to the first moon landing.

Initial close-up images of Pluto came to Earth days before the flyby, prompting a San Diego man, who goes by Crrow777 on YouTube, to post a video about why he thought the images were fake. He argued that photos he’d taken of Jupiter with his telescopic camera from 484 million miles away were of a better quality than NASA’s shots of Pluto from a distance of only a few million miles.

“This is silliness and games, and they are literally robbing the American people and then lying to them,” he says in the video, adding that the space probe is “probably sitting in a Burbank, Hollywood, soundstage somewhere.” He concludes, “If you want to see the real Pluto, I’m sorry to say, you’ve got to go to Disneyland.”

The seven-and-a-half-minute clip has garnered more than 90,000 views…

[continues at Newsweek]


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