“Stop a Douchebag” – Russian Youth Movement to Shame Shithead Drivers


We’ve all seen those insane car/traffic videos from Russia, thanks to social media and dashcams. In response to the roadway anarchy, a group of young men have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve started a movement, “Stop a Douchebag,” to shame asshole, entitled drivers on the Internet.

In the above video, you’ll witness the “classic hothead.” Actually, you’ll witness two. You’ll see that a lot of people think driving on the sideWALK is an okay thing to do. After being stopped by the “Stop a Douchebag” crew, most of the drivers just politely move back onto the road. But of course, two men don’t take kindly to this. The first driver pushes around one of the camera guys and a good samaritan jumps out of his car with a fucking AK. The asshole driver gets back into his car and drives away (probably a good idea). The second dude freaks out and starts waving a handgun around, pointing it carelessly.

Here are some more videos, but you can see even more on their YouTube account or Facebook.

Maybe we won’t have any more of those Russian Fail compilations, but at least we’ll have these.