Artist Maxwell Edge Remixes Labyrinth and NeverEnding Story

Maxwell Edge is a musician, theorist, and remix artist who has redone a few classic films from your childhood with entirely new soundtracks; namely LabyrinthThe NeverEnding Story and The NeverEnding Story II.

The re-edits are highly watchable and nigh hypnotic to say the least. But the most interesting aspect of the soundtrack remixes is how they utterly recontextualize these well known films and give them new life and new meaning. There is something deeply gratifying about watching these films again, which many people know line-for-line, with such a fresh and unexpected soundtrack.

Edge’s choice of music is unpredictable, often moving between the profound and the gut-splittingly humorous. According to Edge, much of the synchronization that happens between the films and the new soundtrack choices were unanticipated, wonderful happy accidents—much like the classic combination of playing Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.

Edge’s musical choices range from David Bowie to Blondie to Purity Ring to Rob Zombie to The pAper chAse to ELO to Atlas to the Speed Racer theme song.

Here’s a clip from Edge’s remix of The Never Ending Story featuring the famous death of Artax in the Swamp of Sadness—an already universally melancholic sequence that Edge managed to make even more intense and sorrowful with the accompaniment of King Crimson. [Sequence begins at 2:13]

If you’re looking for an extremely satisfying new timesink, you just found it. Legend and The Dark Crystal are in the works as well…



Eliott Edge of OddEdges is an international lecturer, multidisciplinary artist, and author of ‘3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Civilization, Overlords, and Escape.’ Edge describes his alter ego OddEdges as “A prolific noösphere squatter spreading Awareness Awareness.”