How to Deal with a Burglar While You’re Home

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States, proving that break-ins are all too commonplace in this day and age. You can’t even turn on the news at night without seeing stories about multiple home invasions. So, how are people handling this nightmarish situation?

Despite taking great precautions on a daily/nightly basis, everyone is vulnerable to a break in at some point. You never want to believe something as terrifying and invasive as a burglary could happen to you, and who could blame you? The unfortunate truth is that this can occur at any moment.


No matter how protected your home may be, there’s usually still a risk of a break in. Image by Wetsun.

While just getting your home broken into is enough to rattle your cage, what if you’re in your home when it happens? Your adrenaline begins pumping and your instincts take hold. It can be easy to let emotional reactions affect your decision making when something like this happens. However, with many break-ins occurring while you’re home, you need to know the right and wrong ways to handle the situation.

 The Importance of Planning

It doesn’t matter if you’re living with family, roommates or even by yourself; having a plan for a potential break in could save your life. This will eliminate some of the panic and uncertainty that is intrinsically tied to burglaries. First off, you and your loved ones should never try to face the intruders head on, so save the baseball bat for game day. A burglar is looking for an empty space to ransack and your possessions are not worth your life.

With that being said, one of the first things you should do is establish an ideal safe space in which to take cover. Whichever room or space you choose should lock from the inside. Getting to this space may not always be possible, but if you catch wind of an intruder early enough you can go to a more obscure place in the house and wait it out. Scurrying around and surveying the best areas in the moment could lead to catastrophe.

In addition to coming up with a safe place, come up with a safe word. This will be even more important if you have a family. Teach your young ones this word and run some drills surrounding it. Then, if you have to shout the word, everyone will know exactly what to do. Keeping a clear head and having everyone on the same page is paramount.

Also make sure that wherever you and your loved ones are, you have access to a phone. You can log on to your home security system to alert them (if you forgot to set it or it was disarmed) and also call 911. Bonus points if you can log on to your system and immediately set off your alarm sound. Among the top things burglars hate, noise is right up there.

Tech Solutions

Unless you are a billionaire with a ballistics-proof panic suite, you will need to be aware of some of the many tangible ways you can prevent a break in from happening. One big development is the surge in residential infrared camera systems. One company, Flir, is leading the charge by offering complete infrared systems for your home and, most recently, an infrared iPhone attachment. These enable you to see heated objects in even the darkest scenarios, which can be a huge advantage against nighttime intruders.

So what if a burglar has sidestepped all of your precautionary measures and is now creeping through your property? That’s where the SmokeCloak comes into play. This incredibly handy security tool emits an impenetrable wave of fog to stop burglars in their tracks. A burglar will probably become very confused and choose to flee the property at this time.

Another area in which home security is quickly advancing is lighting. It’s not a secret that burglars hate a brightly lit area, and it’s now easier than ever to completely control your entire indoor/outdoor lighting system straight from your smart phone. This could provide a much-needed deterrent if a burglar ends up invading your property.

Unfortunately, technology trends follow a two-way street when it comes to home invasions, and burglars now have access to sophisticated technology to sidestep your prevention methods. In what should be straight out of a spy film, potential invaders are using drone helicopters to target homes. This means that a burglar can be made aware of all the bells and whistles on your home before they decide to break in.

Above all else it is imperative to take a big, deep breath and follow your plan if your home is ravaged by burglars. A clear head, ample communication and some added muscle in the form of security technology will ensure that you are fighting these intruders head on – without actually fighting them head on!

Andrea R. Jones

Andrea writes about the issues closest to her heart including technology, business, home improvement and youth alcohol/drug addiction.