We know next to nothing about ancient history — The Shigir Idol

In the 1890s, a large wooden idol was dug from a peat bog in the Ural Mountains area. Recent developments have left archaeologists scratching their heads and rewriting history — again.

The main face of the Shigir Idol

The main face of the Shigir Idol

The Siberian Times reports:

…the haunting monument is 11,000 years old, according to leading German scientists. As such, it is more than twice as the age of the Pyramids of Egypt and the Stonehenge monument in the United Kingdom.

The Idol – found in a peat bog in the Urals – is also 1,500 years older than previously thought by scientists, and the exact fixing of its age destroys theories by sceptics that it was not as ancient as its proponents believed.

The full Shigir Idol- minus what vanished during the Soviet era...

The full Shigir Idol- minus what vanished during the Soviet era…

‘This is an extremely important data for the international scientific community. It is important for understanding the development of civilisation and the art of Eurasia and humanity as a whole.

‘We can say that in those times, 11,000 years ago, the hunters, fishermen and gatherers of the Urals were no less developed than the farmers of the Middle East.’

Russian experts have described the findings as ‘sensational’. They show that the Idol – covered in an ‘encrypted code’ which academics say maybe a coded message from ancient man – is the oldest of its kind in the world.

Mysterious markings and the many faces of the Shigir Idol

Mysterious markings and the many faces of the Shigir Idol

The ancient monument now stands 2.8 metres in height but originally was 5.3 metres tall, as high as a two storey house. In the Soviet era, two metres of the ancient artifact went missing, though drawings were made of it by pre-revolutionary archaeologist Vladimir Tolmachev

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