Snoop Dogg Launches Merry Jane, A Pot-Flavored Lifestyle Media Platform

Tim Farris Photographer_MG_0699_resizeIs there no stopping the rise and rise of Snoop Dogg? TechCrunch reports on Mr. Calvin Broadus’ venture into tech, Merry Jane:

Snoop Dogg, world-renowned entertainment icon and unofficial representative of all things weed, has been investing in tech products and platforms for the past year or so, with a particular focus on the cannabis industry. But today, Snoop is entering the tech sphere in a whole new way, with the launch of his very own platform called Merry Jane.

At its core, Merry Jane is a lifestyle media site with cannabis at the center. Loaded with both video content and editorial content, the site will serve as an information hub for everyone interested in pot, whether it be the n00b or the seasoned smoker.

While announcing Merry Jane on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, Snoop said that the site will provide users with “all they need to know” about pot, and be the encyclopedia of the cannabis world.

The site will have its own show series, each of which focusing on different aspects of pot as it relates to lifestyle. This ranges from a cooking show, where folks can learn how to make amazing edibles (or food that pairs well with cannabis consumption), to ‘Deflowered’ (which is a show that focuses on peoples’ “first time” doing something), all the way to exclusive celebrity interviews.

Snoop noted that the site will be enlisting celebrities that are “down with the team” including Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus…

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