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As a first time contributor, I would like to introduce myself by sharing some of my thoughts and perspectives on the beloved and cherished mystical experiences many of us have come to know by that oh-so-Jungian term, “synchronicity.” As has been the case for eternity, no matter how profound and mind-boggling that experience might have been for you personally… It’s seemingly impossible to communicate or share that experience with someone else that didn’t experience it themselves. It’s one of those, “you just had to be there,” type of scenarios. So, let me divulge a bit further into my take on this amazingly awesome synchronistic madness with one of my most recent blog posts…

When it comes to this synchronicity business, I’ve got some theories and philosophical view points of my own to shake things up a bit. The most blatant and arguable of those being that, if certain profound moments of our lives are to be taken as synchronicities, then we must accept every moment ever lived in our known universe as a synchronicity. Or better yet, just another moment in what I’d call “The Endless Synchronicity.” Therefore, in my view, justifying the need for a “synkro scale” to classify the obviousness and sudden impact of these mystical experiences in our lives.

Much like earthquakes or tornadoes, both natural phenomenon that are almost certain to happen at some point, with no end in sight. Synchronicities could be described just the same, a natural phenomenon that is almost certain to continue presenting itself as long as we are around to experience them. Sure, synchronicities are much more subjective to personal experience and the eye of the beholder, than flattened cities and mass casualties. But hey, if every moment is a synchronicity, then all those natural disasters are also part of synchronicities that fall somewhere on the synkro scale. The difference being that it is up to each being that experienced the disaster to rate the occurrence based on their own personal experience, rather than it falling into an easily identified number on a scientific scale. So, on the synkro scale, one natural disaster event might have 1,000 different ratings for 1,000 different people.

Trying to create this scale and catalogue synchronicities in some measurable way further demonstrates the intangible nature of them, and just how difficult it can be to communicate your synchronistic experience with someone else.

Regardless, every time I have experienced a major synchronicity personally, I am struck with a feeling that every little moment and detail in the happenings leading up to the profound mystical experience, was crucial to the synchronicity happening in the first place. I mean, if I hadn’t left my phone in that room, and went back for it, I may never have arrived at the perfect moment that I met that special someone. You know the synkro rationale I’m talking about here.

With this rationale we must further conclude that every single moment in everyone’s lives was necessary to arrive at this synchronicity, so really, if we’re being honest with ourselves here, there are two possibilities. 1: Synchronicities are bogus, or (the conclusion I’d like to believe) 2: Every moment is a synchronicity. In other words, it’s all a part of “The Endless Synchronicity.”

This view on synchronicities is echoed in countless situations we have seen in movies, TV, and other fictional accounts related to time travel. For example, if Homer Simpson didn’t go back in time and kill that mosquito in the prehistoric era, Flanders would not have ended up as the ruler of the world.

With every moment being an organically orchestrated synchronicity, it just makes so much more sense that out of our unfathomably immense universe, we ended up with this oh-so-conveniently hospitable planet, orbiting the sun amidst the Milky Way, so perfectly in harmony, fostering the bizarre evolution, technological advancement, and conscious self-discovery gifted to us by the mysteries of existence. How’s that for a synchronicity? I’d have to rate that one off of the charts.

So when it comes to our seemingly mind boggling personal synchronistic experiences, which are but a drop in the bucket of “The Endless Synchronicity,” I say we need to implement an official synkro scale. So to all you writers and mystics out there intending to share your synchronistic life happenings, chalk it up on the synkro scale.

Just to give you something to gauge off of, let’s say getting just what you wanted for Christmas is a 1/11 on the scale, 5/11 would be some pretty bizarre shit. 9/11, would be unexpectedly pointing your camera at the twin towers the moment they got smashed by the first passenger jet, 11/11 would just be inconceivable, and the existence of our universe… let’s just call that 22/11.

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Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russel is just a real guy, trying to live in the real world... and like many of you out there, trying to decipher what's really going on as it relates to "aliens", UFOs, consciousness, higher dimensions, and the true nature of reality. He runs the blog and soon to be YouTube series "Portal to Another Dimension", which explores such topics.
Franklin Russell