UFOs? Interdimensional Anomalies? Cosmic Guardians? Future Self? Or All of the Above?

This article will explore my first hand experience with this phenomenon, my mental dissection of what happened to me, and how I handled these truly mind boggling experiences.

As a young boy, growing up in Fort Worth, TX, I was always interested in outer space, which naturally lead to an interest in UFOs, aliens, abduction stories, and all that good stuff. In those younger days I often had irrational thoughts and fears relating to those things, sometimes fearful that I would find an alien in my room, get chased by a UFO or otherwise kidnapped and abducted. Of course none of these things ever happened and I continued on with a rather pleasant childhood in the suburbs. Even though every time I stayed out too late my dad would spring the joke on me, “I thought you got abducted by aliens!”

In my years as a young adult after high school, I ventured into my first psychedelic experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, greatly expanding my consciousness and bending the framework of what I believed to be true or possible in this world. Once I was about 24 and getting bored of politics, current events, and the typical Illuminati New World Order conspiracies, I became much more obsessed with something even bigger, and began my online research related to aliens, UFOs, and ancient civilizations. For years, off and on, I went into binges of watching countless videos of UFOs, youtube documentaries, Ancient Aliens and all that good stuff. The small percentage of legitimate evidence out there suggests that this planet is indeed being visited by some kind of alien lifeforms, and has been for millennia, but this really only raises more questions than it answers. After years of tireless questioning and mental debate I began coming to the most rational conclusion my puny little human brain could conceive. That is, that at the very least, I can conclude that it would make more sense for alien visitors to come from another dimension rather than another planet or galaxy.

The distance necessary to travel from other galaxies is just unfathomable, and based on our current scientific understandings, impossible or otherwise rather inconvenient to travel. However, higher dimensions that exist right on top of us in the cosmic onion skin layers would seem to be more plausible, even based on mainstream scientific reasoning. This to me also explains why there exists no concrete evidence of any of these lifeforms, no video of a being, no smoking gun to prove they exist. For if a being from a higher dimension enters into this dimension, we can’t fully see it, or comprehend it, much less get a clear video recording of it.

Imagine for instance putting a 3-D beach ball into a 2-d world. All that would ever be visible of the beach ball in the 2-D world would be a circle. So it is my theory that if a higher life form, from a 4-D world were to present itself in this 3-D world, all that would be visible to us would be perhaps some weird light in the sky, or something else that is just a bit strange and mysterious. That’s why these phenomenon have remained so mysterious after all these years, for they can hardly be fathomed or comprehended in this world… again, just my theory, but it’s a damn good one I’d say.

2-d 3-D

Now to my much yearned for, and unexpected first hand experience with this phenomenon. Unlike in my childhood where I quivered in fear at the very thought of meeting an alien lifeform, as I got older, I was just hoping and waiting for the day I would get to see a real life UFO. I had lost all fear, and the hoards of potentially fake internet videos just weren’t cutting it for me. The experience I was given was truly bizarre, and showed many signs of being part of a higher intelligence, that was connected in realms beyond this one. Even with all the obviousness of this situation that manifested itself into my life coupled with my certainty that UFOs and alien visitors are real, I still tried to discount and deny what happened to me. The night of the first sighting as I stared into the sky, “It’s a star…” I told myself. “It’s a plane… It’s a man made secret aircraft…”. Eventually all of my skepticism was tossed out the window by the undeniable events that unfolded that night and the following months, which are now years.

So… essentially, it all started with a recurring alien/UFO dream I had, many times over the course of about 3 years prior to this sighting. In this dream I would always be at my mom’s house, where I would walk out to the driveway and look up into this specific spot in the sky. Right across the street and above the neighbor’s house I would see wild lights in the sky. There were variables in these dreams, sometimes aliens would descend, sometimes just lights, but always the same key location and basic formula presented itself. These dreams took place every few months or so, with varying frequency, but frequent enough over a few years to be unforgettable.

Then, early 2013, it happened again, but this time it was in real life. I didn’t even believe it until I analyzed the video days later. Yeah, I recorded it, it’s on youtube. Reported it to MUFON all that good stuff. Another video in the sea of mysterious lights in the sky. I went a bit crazy during the following weeks, camera in hand at all times, eyes to the sky. I started thinking every light in the sky was a UFO. Eventually, I got a grip on my sanity again and just moved on with my life.

The mysterious visitors have returned on various occasions since then, always when I’m not looking for them, and in a way that they call me outside subconsciously, or grab my attention in some unexpected way. Those little bits of doubt that still told me it was probably some Lockheed Martin experimental aircraft were blown to bits by the most marvelous sighting one night. I stayed outside the trailer house gawking at a return visit some 6 months after the original visit. While watching the lights I was accustomed to, a new light appeared out of nowhere. This one was light blue and white. It danced around like a fairy for a while then disappeared once again. That just polished off any of my remaining doubts about this being a higher intelligence, most likely from a higher dimension.

Two of my most recent and notable visitations occurred in July 2014 and May 2015 respectively. July 2014, I was in Chiapas, Mexico, hanging out with a friend who I had tried to share my UFO stories with a few days prior. I had been hoping he would see them with his own eyes, because he didn’t quite believe my UFO nonsense. One night in Chiapas we decide to go on the roof of our hotel for a smoke, and whatdya know, there they were in the sky, a pleasant surprise for me, that my skeptical friend couldn’t deny.

The next and most recent sighting was this past May, the same day I had just received a jacket in the mail with the classic “I Want To Believe” image on it, changed to say, “I Want To Leave.” That day I was excitedly going on to my dad about these strange visitations I had over the past year or two. (I don’t talk about these things regularly although it might seem so, I mostly just keep it to myself.) We were at his place, he decided to step outside for a smoke, which was also weird because he is a lazy old man that normally just stays inside and smokes in his chair. Of course, we spotted them unexpectedly in the sky above us, my dad freaked, I was pretty calm and used to their appearance by now. We drove for a better vantage point, parked and observed for an hour or two until they disappeared. As fate would have it the moment they disappeared and we started to leave was the moment a cop pulled up to investigate our trespassing on private property. Adding to the strangeness, he was on the lookout for people who might be stealing things from residents of the neighborhood. I just so happened to be in a pickup full of all sorts of sketchy random items from my mom’s shed… a bicycle, an AC unit, a stereo, and who knows what else. We told the officer we were watching a UFO, he didn’t even ask for our licenses or so much as glance at the back of our truck, and quickly went on his way.

Currently, I just go on with my “normal life,” and generally focus on everything other than these unknown cosmic interactors. However, I walk around with even more questions in my head than before. Are these beings guardians or protectors? Do they play a role in directing my life and manifesting my synchronicities? Are they a future projection of myself, that is helping my present lower self? Are they “inorganic beings” as Carlos Castaneda called them, helping me out for my servitude or selling my soul to them? Are they related to my spiritually adept dead uncle who watches over me? I have no earthly idea, I try not to think too much about it, but as usual, I think too much for my own good. Although their origins and intentions are unknown, the message is always clear… We are here.. We exist… Oh, and just in case you forgot about us, here we are again.

Synkro Scale – 11/11

A budding young writer that has been forced to share his thoughts and weird experiences with the world, Ome writes a blog at http://synkronizedliving.com/ (a pre cursor and companion to his auto-biogrpahy, “Synkronized Life”)

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russel is just a real guy, trying to live in the real world... and like many of you out there, trying to decipher what's really going on as it relates to "aliens", UFOs, consciousness, higher dimensions, and the true nature of reality. He runs the blog and soon to be YouTube series "Portal to Another Dimension", which explores such topics.
Franklin Russell