The Unrelenting Presence of the Subconscious (or why and how I set my life ablaze)

One of the single greatest obstacles any of us can overcome in our lifetimes, on a personal level, is the subconscious. The countless subconscious barriers that are implanted in our young and vulnerable brains since birth and fiercely reinforced by society as we grow older can ultimately decide our path in life. Worst of all, they can prevent us from unlocking our true potential and freeing our minds from the chains of mental slavery. Ever since I decided to attempt an undo of some of the subconscious programming that has been instilled in me, life has become quite interesting, to say the least.


Be careful before you decide to go fucking up your subconscious, if you cut the wrong wire, you might end up schizo. However if you get it just right, you just might discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential and staying irrevocably “in the flow.” Like all of life, it’s a bit of a balancing act. There is a fine line between genius and nut-case. 

I unintentionally began this reprogramming shortly after I got out of high school and started messing around with mushrooms. It took me about 15 trips over a couple of years before I finally discovered “the meaning of life.” Or so I thought. That was 2009, I’ve become “one with the universe” quite a few times since then and unfortunately all that knowledge hasn’t seemed to make life any easier.

Most recently the attack on my subconscious came from me figuratively setting my life ablaze. This began with me and my wife deciding to turn our marriage into an “open relationship.” Breaking down those subconscious barriers of monogamy and the concept of what a romantic relationship is supposed to be. Although our marriage was based on an immigration case, it was a serious romantic engagement of 2-and-a-half years living together. Needless to say, shit ended up getting dramatic. We achieved our mutually stated goal of breaking down subconscious barriers, but those pesky subconscious mechanisms weren’t going out without a fight. As much as we both agreed on the polyamory thing, shit got pretty ugly and pretty dramatic on both sides.


So, through a chain reaction and perfect storm of events that followed, my calls were answered. I was getting everything I had ever asked for in the most fucked up, unimaginable ways possible. I ended up jet-setting across the globe unexpectedly all because I decided not to show up for work one day. The traveling madness and end to punching a clock really helped to kick down a few more barriers. Flying overseas, road tripping 10,000 miles across Europe in 3 weeks, and continuing to not work for the months following just blew a gigantic hole in my concept of time. The synchronicities were off of the charts, and have been ever since.

Sometimes I feel like I unintentionally sold my soul or signed a contract that I wasn’t allowed to read. In the couple of months leading up to this drastic change in my life, I received a copy of Thad McKraken’s book The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations, which ended up being my introduction to magick. I was always turned off to the concept before, and thought it was pretty bogus. But, after reading this guy’s work on Disinfo, I felt like he was sincere and I could relate, so I decided to dig further and give this magick thing a go. I sort of caught on to the concept after reading about 10 or 15 pages of his book and began cooking up some magick rituals of my own. Really, the subconscious reprogramming and the “whatever works for you” approach is what I utilized. My wishes were granted, and that is why I would use the word “irrevocably,” when saying irrevocably in the flow. Because, I am in the flow nonstop, whether I want to be or not. No wish-backs.


So a couple of nights ago, while in an above-average flowing state of being, I fulfilled some more subconscious desires that were floating around in my head. Less than a week after returning to my hometown from a one month stint of being semi-homeless in Puerto Rico and Spain, I decided it was time to set all of my shit on fire. This is something I may have fantasized about in the past — burning all of my possessions and running off to the forest or a cave. I just never had the balls or the proper level of insanity to follow through with it. (Still don’t have the balls to run off to a cave or the forest.)

As a means of preserving my legacy, and having concrete proof of some of my most unbelievable tall tales, I kept archives. A ridiculous amount of papers, meticulously filed, and categorized from my entire life. I had tax papers, court papers, sketches, idea scratches, ticket stubs, movie scripts, birthday cards, fast food menus, receipts; any scrap of paper that ever touched my hands essentially. Although I cherished my archives dearly as some of my last remaining physical possessions, they are a tremendous weight on my psyche. I mean, it’s a never ending project that I have put lots of my time, energy, and life force into.


After attempting to live in Puerto Rico a month ago, my living plan there failed in the most beautiful way conceivable. Then I had to leave behind an entire suitcase of some of my last remaining material possessions.

(side note: think about that term “material possessions.” When you think of it in the context of being possessed by a demon or entity, these “material possessions” are materials that are possessed by their owner or master, or otherwise possessed by that being’s persona or psyche.)

Then from Puerto Rico, I went to Spain in hopes of staying away from TX, but quickly ended up failing at that as well. Those two most recent travel experiences gave me that extra push to burn the most cherished belongings weighing me and my subconscious down. It was like the cherry on top for all of my recent subconscious meddling. So while I was either in the flow or tranced out under the power of “the inorganic beings,” I tossed the archives in the fire.


A few days prior I had mentioned this burning of the archives campfire idea to my friend Marie (the Austrian I dug a hole with in Puerto Rico). Of course we ended up having our separate campfires on the same night, unintentionally and out of contact from each other. Marie’s was a totally unrelated and more joyous going away party campfire. The best part was what ended up being the final catalyst for my campfire. The words of my mother, who would not exactly approve of my actions. I walked in to my mom’s house and the first thing she said was, “if it rains your papers are going to get ruined sitting outside.” That statement set me in motion. I instinctively replied, “I was just about to go take care of that.”

Synkro Scale – 6/11

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Franklin Russell

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