Who Watches The Watchers? Now You Can

scorecard-screenshotvia Rebel News

The American public now has a comprehensive set of scores for each member of Congress regarding their positions on Internet surveillance reform, thanks to a website launched today as a joint project between non profit activist groups Restore the Fourth and Fight for the Future.

The Political Scoreboard takes into account critical legislative votes that have taken place during the 114th United States Congress’ time in office, bearing in mind each member’s action, how they voted, and which, if any, legislation they decided to sponsor.

This is the second such scoreboard produced. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, with support from numerous organizations, launched Stand Against Spying in 2014.

According to Alex Marthews, National Chair of Restore the Fourth, there was a need to provide an updated version because the information stops before the 2014 elections.

Marthews cites a lack of information available for EFF’s Stand Against Spying.

“There wasn’t enough data to go on to rank a lot of the members, particularly Senators,” he said, “so, a lot of the Senators had question marks by them. There just wasn’t enough tangible voting information to see where they stood.”

The Political Scoreboard, uses the EFF’s effort, “but then massively expands and updates it,” according to Marthews.

Since Edward Snowden leaked classified documents regarding surveillance programs funded by the National Security Agency, truths have been revealed to the American public about how their digital lives are tracked. They’ve read stories about bulk data collection of metadata, texts, e-mails, and an overall broad range of their daily activities.

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