Anti-Vaccine Activists Smear Couple Whose Child Died

Baby Riley: A victim of whooping cough.

Baby Riley: A victim of whooping cough.

Via Green Jihad:

Anti-vaccine activists have stooped to an all time low. An Australian couple whose child died from a vaccine-preventable disease decided to take their experience by writing about it on social media in order to warn people but were met with insults and outright vitriol for their daring to speak out.

An opinion piece in The West Australian describes the experience of Catherine and Greg Hughes. Six months ago, the couple tragically lost their four week old baby, Riley, to whooping cough die to not vaccinating him and upon posting messages on social media warming people of what happened when their baby died of pertussis, they were trolled and had insults directed at them by online anti-vaccine activists.

One campaigner compared the couple to Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbles, claiming they were conducting a sales pitch for vaccine companies. Another went so far as to question Riley’s existence stating that his death might have been staged in order to promote immunization efforts.

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