Baby Proofing in the 21st Century

We can all agree that there’s nothing more exciting than bringing home your baby for the first time. However, once you settle into your new space and family routine, you may look around your house and see that every nook and cranny is now a potential danger.

When it comes to what and how you can baby proof your home, things have changed drastically in the last few decades. Even just a few years ago, a parent wouldn’t have to think about protecting their iPad or making sure their HDMI cables were out of reach – but, with every new adult plaything comes a potential plaything for your little bundle of joy. Thankfully, with the influx of technology in our homes comes an equal amount of smart and innovative baby products.


If it makes noises and has bright colors, it’s a perfect baby magnet. Image courtesy of tiahenriksen.

Protect Your Tech

Your new baby will be as curious as the day is long and that can take a toll on your electronics. It can be helpful to literally get down to your baby’s level and see each and every piece of technology they could access. Don’t worry, we won’t laugh at you.

One thing you will immediately notice is how many cords dangle from all ends of your home.  To an infant these cables can be multi-colored invitations to pull and tug at your costly devices. Having exposed wires like this is incredibly unsafe for your baby and can cause irreparable damage to your electronics. However, there are many solutions to cord craziness.

Simply organizing and securing your cords to the baseboards is a good first step, as well as investing in cord covers for the floor so your baby doesn’t trip over anything. You can even shorten cords that are too long using an electrical cord shortener. This will ensure that your various cords and cables aren’t being used as makeshift jump ropes.

You know that smart phone you paid a fortune for and usually leave on the couch? Does it make entertaining noises and have bright colors? If so, that important piece of tech is a perfect baby magnet. It may be impossible to get your phone out of your baby’s tiny hands entirely, but you can protect it. It’s recommended that you invest in an IP67 rated phone case. This durable type of case offers impact resistance, screen protection and waterproof qualities.

Televisions have also come a long way in the past few years. They are now bigger, sleeker, and most importantly, lighter. However, with this change comes an increase in potential dangers for your child. The number of kids injured by a TV falling on them grew 125 percent between 1990 and 2011; one child was treated every half hour for a television-related injury during that time. Since these flat screen televisions are very top heavy nowadays, they are much easier to pull down. Thankfully this problem is easily solved by installing a wall mount and keeping it out of reach of your child’s grasp.

Smart Products, Smart Parents

 The smart home movement has brought welcome improvements to technology for your baby, so don’t even think about busting out those old walkie-talkie style baby monitors. One company, Onni Smart Care, has unveiled a baby monitor that goes above and beyond the coo of duty. Not only can you see a real time HD video of your baby with this monitor, but you can also monitor the room temperature, control the lighting and even play a calming song through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Remember those old pacifiers you used to rely on? They are another product of the past. Surprisingly enough, even smart pacifiers exist for your baby, thanks to the company Pacif-i. These smart devices look just like the antiquated products you’re used to but feature smart flourishes that can put parents at ease. The pacifier wirelessly connects to any smart phone and can send you temperature updates, track if the baby has wandered, and emit an alarm if it’s been lost.

Even your baby’s cradles have gotten a makeover, thanks to baby product stalwart Fisher Price. Their new line of cradles connect to a companion app on your smart phone and allow you complete control over your baby’s experience. The app can set what kind of movement the cradle is giving your baby and even choose from prerecorded lullabies and nature sounds when you need some calming elements.

Despite all of these products aiming to make your parenting life easier, they can also overwhelm. However, if you are diligent in outfitting your home with the right tools, in tandem with keen eye proofing methods, then your baby will thank you… whenever they learn to speak.

Andrea R. Jones

Andrea writes about the issues closest to her heart including technology, business, home improvement and youth alcohol/drug addiction.