India Bans Widespread Surrogacy by Foreigners

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Wealthy, infertile couples from around the world will no longer be able to use the wombs of Indian women to bring their child to term. It has become a $1 billion industry.

via BBC:

The Indian government has said it plans to ban surrogate services for foreigners wanting babies in a move which will hit a thriving industry.

It says surrogacy would be available “only for Indian couples”.

India is called the “surrogacy hub” of the world, where infertile couples, including many from overseas, hire the wombs of local women to carry their embryos through to birth.

But there have been growing concerns over what is an unregulated business.

This had prompted a petition in the Supreme Court, which last month ordered the government to spell out plans for regulating the industry.

“The government does not support commercial surrogacy and also the scope of surrogacy is limited to Indian married infertile couples only and not to the foreigners,” the government said in an affidavit to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

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