Nemo’s Garden – Italy’s Revolutionary Underwater Fruit and Vegetable Farm

Behold the world’s first underwater farm.

Sumitra via Oddity Central:

In a bid to explore alternative methods of growing produce, an Italian company has created the world’s first underwater farm. The futuristic station – aptly named Nemo’s Garden – consists of five transparent biospheres anchored to the bottom of the sea off the coast of Savona, Italy. They’re being used to grow strawberries, basil, beans, garlic, and lettuce.

“The main target of this project is to create alternative sources of plant production in areas where environmental conditions make it difficult to grow crops through conventional farming, including lack of fresh water, fertile soils, and extreme temperature changes,” said project spokesperson Luca Gamberini. “We are trying to find an alternative and economically viable technology enabling efficient production.”

The five pods, currently floating between depths of 18 and 36 feet, are constantly monitored by Ocean Reef Group – a diving equipment company – from a control center on dry land. “We have installed many webcams and we can easily check on everything,” Gamberini said. “We also have a sensor panel with live data feed from the lab biosphere – so all data is live, on the internet and accessible to anyone.”

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