Southpaw kid is Totally Metal according to teacher

In this day and age of advanced science and technology, it is always shocking to hear an alleged educator spewing idiotic medieval nonsense.

But when has that ever stopped anyone? You guessed it, never.

Since I’m clearly a cock-eyed optimist I say: when life hands you lemons make some badass totally metal lemonade.

'nuff said. \m/(x1x)\m/

’nuff said. \m/(x1x)\m/

According to Anything Left Handed this kid is now The Most Metal Kid in School:

We had an email recently from Club Member Mary that rather shocked us.  She said…

“I am very disturbed by a news report of a 4 year old being forced to write with his right hand.  This thought process is archaic.

Here is a link about a 4 year old being forced to write with his right hand.

Be outraged for this child.  I guess some Oklahoma educators are still using 1815 methods regarding left-handed people.  Hopefully, this will not cause him to have academic problems.  To me, this is a form of discrimination.”

You can see the full story and a video of the news report about it using the link above, but briefly:

4 year old left-hander Zayde came home from school one day and surprised his mum Alisha, also left-handed, by writing with his right hand, not his left as normal.  She asked him why and he raised his left and said “teacher says this one’s bad”.  She sent the teacher a note asking what was going on and got a strong response.  The teacher sent back a copy of an article calling left-handedness “unlucky”, “evil”, and “sinister” and adding for good measure that “for example, the devil is often portrayed as left-handed”.

We found the original article this came from here:

It looks like the article referred to is only making statements of what people have considered to be true in the past, but the teacher has totally misinterpreted it, or coloured it with her own beliefs, to think some of those things are actually TRUE now and she needs to force children to change hands and educate their parents!  That is clearly a very bad thing to do and on the face of it this person has no place in the teaching profession.

Alisha couldn’t believe it.  She said “It breaks my heart for him because someone actually believes that, believes my child is evil because he’s left-handed, it’s crazy”.


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