Mœbius & Jodorowsky’s Sci-Fi Masterpiece, The Incal, Brought to Life in Animation

From the director Pascal Blais:

A movie trailer project inspired by the graphic novel “The INCAL”, from Moebius and Jodorowsky.

A while ago, I reunited a bunch of artists from the original “Heavy Metal” movie, to produce a trailer based upon this great work. Then I got busy building my company and it sat on my shelf until a few months back, when I decided to revamp it with today’s digital punch.

Two sequences from the original “Heavy Metal” movie were borrowed from Moebius’s work; “The Long Tomorrow” story and “Arzach”. Given that till this day, Moebius and Jodorowsky are heralded as some of the world’s greatest Sci-Fi visionaries; it seems to me that a film, based on their work would be even more successful than one inspired by it.

Bringing these incredible artists’s work to the big screen, I am convinced would be a great success…so much so that I animated and directed this piece with other like artists.

Colin Marshall via Open Culture:

Any Incal fan who watches this spruced-up trailer will immediately want nothing more in this life than to see a feature-film version of dissolute private investigator John DiFool, his concrete seagull Deepo, and the titular all-powerful crystal that sets the story in motion. And anyone not yet initiated into the science-fiction “Jodoverse” for which The Incal forms the basis will want to plunge into the comic books at the earliest opportunity. Perhaps Blais will one day fully revive the project; until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (with its Mœbius-developed production design, similar enough to The Incal‘s to have sparked a lawsuit) and maybe, just maybe, a live-action adaptation from Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn.

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