Monitoring Mosques? Fine, but Don’t Forget about Our Own Homegrown Christian Extremists

Kevin Swanson spews pro-murder hate speech at the National Religious Liberties Conference

Kevin Swanson is a fundamental extremist of the Christian persuasion. On November 6th and 7th, he hosted a pro-murder hate speech rally which was billed as the “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Des Moine, Iowa. Three GOP candidates attended this pro-murder hate speech rally, including Mike Huckabee, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Swanson used an archaic interpretation of the Bible as justification for imprisoning and executing homosexuals: “Yes, Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals. Yes, in Romans Chapter 1, Verse 32, the Apostle Paul does say homosexuals are worthy of death — his words, not mine. And I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I am not ashamed of the truth, of the word of God. I am willing to go to jail for it…”

Well that’s encouraging to hear, Mr. Swanson, because as a matter of fact: you deserve to go to jail. You are using your position as a religious leader to call for the death of American citizens. I seem to recall an idea which was recently suggested by another presidential candidate…why yes, I believe it was none other than Donald Trump, who said that we should start monitoring Muslim mosques for this same kind of pro-murder hate speech.

So should we be monitoring Muslim extremists or Christian extremists? As the little girl says in that popular meme…

Jindal has already dropped out of the race but the remaining two candidates who attended this pro-murder hate speech rally should be immediately disqualified from the presidential race and their names should also be put on the extremist watch lists.

And while we’re at it, Jindal and Cruz are both elected officials! Is there no way to punish them or fire them for having the audacity to attend such an event? At the very least, let’s publicly shame these fuckers into an apology and an acknowledgement of why some people might be opposed to the fact that they willingly attended (and thus promoted) a pro-murder hate speech rally.

They knew exactly who this guy was before they went and they were aware of all the other murderously crazy things which he has said in the past. In case you’re curious, here is a list of heinous shit which has come out of his mouth, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

Do any of the three feel remorse for having attended the event? According to the The Des Moines Register:

Calls and emails seeking a reaction to Swanson’s remarks by spokespeople for Cruz and Jindal (who suspended his campaign Tuesday) went unanswered. Huckabee’s spokeswoman Alice Stewart asked for documentation and was sent a video link. She responded the next day saying, “Gov. Huckabee appreciated the opportunity to speak with an audience in Iowa about the importance of standing up for our religious liberties.” The Cruz and Jindal campaigns didn’t bother to reply at all. (Before the conference, Cruz had been asked about his participation by CNN’s Jake Tapper, but brushed off the question.)

Rachel Maddow covered Swanson’s remarks in depth during a segment on her show, and you almost have to see/hear just how stark raving crazy the guy actually looks/sounds while he is spewing this insanely offensive (and illegal) bullshit:

Unsurprisingly, there was also pro-murder hate speech literature being handed out at the event, but at least there was some humor to be had: upon being questioned by Swanson about the need for a presidential candidate to fear The Lord Thy God, Ted Cruz responded with the following:

“Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be Commander-in-Chief of this country…”

Testify, girlfriend!