New Hypnotic Bar Video Shows People Drunk, Laughing Uncontrollably Passed Out After Drinking Water

A new video of the Hypnotic Bar shows people failing sobriety tests, getting drunk laughing uncontrollably and even passing out. However the people involved are entirely sober.

The Hypnotic Bar is a public experiment where groups of people are hypnotized to feel like they are drinking powerful alcoholic drinks.

While the experiment begins with the standard effects of alcohol tipsiness, giddiness and loss of inhibition, it also goes much further with groups of people hallucinating that the audience has disappeared and experiencing powerful rushes similar to cocaine and ecstasy.

The Hypnotic Bar is a revolutionary public experiment to prove alcohol and drugs can be replaced with healthy trance states.

“Everyone in that video is completely hypnotized,” said Drasko Saban, head of Consciousness Hacking Toronto, which sponsors the event. “There’s a short hypnotic induction done on a set of rotating volunteers. Under hypnosis they are given rounds of water. At each round they are given the suggestion that they are drinking a drink with unique effects.”

The drinks include Laughing Tequila, which causes people to laugh uncontrollably, the Zombini, which turns people into dancing zombies and the Libido Colada, which cause people to feel intense attraction to other people. At several points hypnotized drinking people got quite rowdy.

“At this event,” said Saban. “We produced a true party state. If you’d just walked in, you would have thought you were in a room full of drunk happy people celebrating.”

The groups are put into hypnotic trance by filmmaker and Hypnotist Albert Nerenberg.

According to Nerenberg deep hypnotic trances produce the must sought after effects of alcohol.

“The hypnotic state relaxes people, produces a natural loss of inhibition, and can produce rounds of laughter essentially without side effects,” he said. “It’s exactly why most people drink. Most people drink to relax, lose inhibition and laugh with their friends.”

The Hypnotic Bar uses imagery on screens to help produce the hypnotic effect on a larger scale. All the subjects are volunteers.

The group also failed sobriety tests. All were unable to walk a straight line or touch their own noses.

“People don’t believe this is real. There is no gimmick or trick,” said Saban. “People are afraid to believe they’ve been killing brain cells pointlessly all this time ingesting toxic substances when there was an alternative.

According to Nerenberg, the people in the video are not really passed out.

“They’re in hypnotic sleep where the body goes limp,” he said. “It’s a pleasant and relaxing state where you look like you’re sleeping, most people report some level of alertness. They can still hear what’s going on. ”

The next Hypnotic Bars are set for this Thursday in Toronto, and Friday in Kingston, Ontario.

The events are themed “Raise the Bar”. The Toronto event takes place in a famous city tavern, The Monarch, noted for it’s Bourbon.

Even if you can’t attend the show you can request a hypnotic drink that be attempted the night of the Hypnotic Bar on the event Facebook page.



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