Yoga-Whoring, MacMindfulness & the Spiritual Industrial Complex

by Sub-Meditator Marcos 

“Be the change AND use it to kick some arse.” — Mahatma Guevara

Wisdom traditions and bodymind practices such as yoga, embodied approaches to leadership, and meditation have been co-opted in service of the ruling corporate class. A radical alternative is now needed to what has become a Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC). This article is a battle cry for guerrilla teachers in the awareness industry who no longer wish to prostitute themselves to the 1%. 

Monks purchase toy machine guns at Karen State Day.

Monks purchase toy machine guns at Karen State Day.

The functions of the Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC)

Warped wisdom traditions and body awareness practices are now serving a number of harmful functions. This may be hard reading if like me you’ve dedicated much of your life to this field, please stick with it, the second half of the article is about how we can become spiritual warriors in a meaningful way. In brief, the SIC can and often does:

  • Make us suckers who accept the suck
  • Make us suck more
  • Help only the 1% to get unsuck
  • Helps the 1% make our lives suck more

1. Makes us suckers who accept the suck 

Warped wisdom traditions and body awareness practices can make life in a psychological and emotionally damaging, social unjust and isolating, and environmentally destructive world bearable. While well-intended they can perpetuates a system that needs change not toleration. Bodymind practices, particularly when twisted and packaged for the mass market, do not threaten the status quo but unwittingly support it by placating those it damages. If we are suffering from the state of the world we can either do something about it or mediate to feel better irrespective. Religion has always been the opiate of the masses but now the opiate of the middle classes is “spiritual but not religious”. McMindfulness meditation®, Shitram yoga© and other Bodymind Lite™ practices are organic prozac.

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Eliott Edge of OddEdges is an international lecturer, multidisciplinary artist, and author of ‘3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Civilization, Overlords, and Escape.’ Edge describes his alter ego OddEdges as “A prolific noösphere squatter spreading Awareness Awareness.”