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A Letter to the Disinfonauts,

Hi, I’m Joe. If you are a fan of Above Top Secret you may have seen me around the forums, or you might know me from my youtube show Next Level Bullshit.  I am thrilled to be here at Disinfo as the new Editor-In-Chief. I’ve been working with Marcie behind the scenes for the past two weeks learning about you guys- what type of content you like and don’t like, when to post, and much more. With Marcie’s goodbye post yesterday, I’m officially in the hot seat.12186354_10153635174920953_7640309753902532418_o

I am very excited to be the new editor of Disinfo. I have been a lurker here since 2002 when I was given a copy of “Your are being lied to: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths.” by Russ Kick.  I was hooked.

Now, here we are over a decade later, except I’m sitting behind the scenes for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more exposed.

Some of you are probably already wondering “What is going to happen to Disinfo?”

Great things. I promise.

I’m currently finding ways to deliver more stories and better content that is both timely and relevant. I want Disinfo to be your place for news, entertainment, and conversation. I will be working closely with all of our contributors to ensure this is a standard we can set and keep. I don’t want you all to be here “just for the comments.”

Finally, I want to thank Gary for the opportunity to be here with you. I look forward to serving the community and helping it grow.

All the best,

Joe Irvine

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Editor in Chief at Disinfo.com
Started in alternative media in 2009 as the videographer for AboveTopSecret.com, became their Social Media director in 2012, created Next Level Bullshit on YouTube in 2015, and now Editor in Chief for Disinfo.com. Stand back, this is going to get good.
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