Hot, Crazy South Korean Chick Dances With Food, Internet Breaks.

11150399_1569475416650728_7974205751091022864_nOne of the cool things about writing for Disinfo is that I get to talk to South Korean women who film themselves dancing with food. You don’t get to do these things. You might pretend you do, but we all know you are lying.

A  woman from South Korea named 쇼리 (Syori in English) posts numerous mind blowing videos on the internet. I asked her some questions to try and figure out why… But I still don’t know. It might have been the language barrier.

These videos are kind of wild. How and why did you start doing them?

You know, life is boring, I just wanted to do something fun for myself. It has become more fun since people enjoy it.

What is the deal with you and food?

Food is close to us, so I thought why it can’t be my friend when we are this close?

I’m just playing with my friend in a little bit different way.

Some guys like hot chicks that are crazy and dance around with food yelling, I know I do. Why do you think that combination is so ridiculously attractive?

Thanks for saying that, but I didn’t mean to attract people. Isn’t it funny that people are attracted when I try not to be attractive? Please wait, I will be more ugly so that you like me more? 😛

It says on your page you are an advertising service. What kind of work do you do in that area?

I don’t do anything in it, it was my mistake, I have actually changed it today.

What is next for you? Where do you go from here?

It’s always unexpected as you and I talk  in this unexpected way.

Brian Whitney is the author of Raping the Gods.