John Birch Society: The Trans Pacific Partnership isTreason

CEO of the John Birch Society Art Thompson talks about treason in his weekly Analysis Behind the News video. He starts off with defining treason; talking of how congress’s refusal to officially declare war makes defining treason difficult; treason that has been committed in the past; how the terms “treason” and “conspiracy” are too politically incorrect to describe what is happening in government today; how the Department of Justice is committing treason against Americans; and how the TPP is an act of treason.

The constitution defines treason as “only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Indeed, defining treason is difficult when the US congress will not declare war, officially marking a nation as an enemy. (Or grant a letter of marque or reappraisal against said enemy)

In another video from the John Birch Society, Art Thompson defines the proper role of government as “protecting the rights of the people” and “protecting the Independence of the U.S.” The reasoning is that the rights of the people cannot be protected if sovereignty is not protected. Without Independence, the Constitution cannot be maintained, the Bill of Rights cannot be guaranteed, nor can the people make their own choices. Levying war against the U.S. arguably is a form of working against the liberties or sovereignty of the country. Thus, what Art Thompson leads us to is defining treason as the definition given in the constitution, with an addition along the lines of  also plotting against the independence or civil liberties of the United States.