Santa is for Real: Manly P. Hall on the Cosmic Principles of Christmas and the Claus Within

“Christmas is a door opening and reminding us forever of the soul within us.  It is reminding us of the beauty, and truth, and wonder, and love that are locked within each one of us, and which can be brought out by proper care and nurturing.” – Manly P Hall

The benevolence of human nature.  A living ‘something’ in our hearts.  According to Hall, Santa Claus is an emblem of that which we are in ourselves.  An embodiment of the principle of powers that exist within consciousness and behind the act of giving. A form we all share when we collectively act to bestow happiness, service, and need for those we love and others in search of it.

Over the course of the Christmas season, these qualities from within – be they locked in some or more routinely functioning in others – find broader release and fuller expression.  While these innate forces have undoubtedly been twisted, distorted, and exploited for consumerist purposes – as Hall well covers – that inexhaustible capacity for sincere good and selfless giving ever remains, unblemished.  And it’s marked and symbolized by the sun’s return journey to the north, where it releases and bestows its gift of life, fertility, and unimaginable abundance for yet another year.

Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, or have your own special way of commemorating the season, Hall’s lecture is itself a gift well worth the listen:

“Christmas is a mystical experience made flesh.  It is something that reminds us of experiencing which cannot be entirely put into words.”

And to help settle in that spirit of Christmas, one of my favorite Christmas songs (and one that I think complements Hall’s message), Ray Charles’ Spirit of Christmas:

Wherever you may be, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

“Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?”Clark W. Griswold

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