Timothy Leary’s The Game of Life Tarot Cards

Bobby Campbell (CC by 2.0)
Bobby Campbell (CC by 2.0)

Bobby Campbell (CC BY 2.0)

While working on the new edition of Timothy Leary’s “The Game of Life,” I designed updated versions of his tarot trump cards, which I ended up not submitting, so as to not further complicate and delay the book’s chaotic production.

22 of the 24 cards feature grey-scale digital restorations of Pamela Colman Smith’s artwork from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. (Which I hereby release to the public domain! Because it was a bear cleaning up all those cards, and no one need do it again.)

The other 2 cards were designed by me, pictured above, per Leary’s descriptions.

And so without further ado, presenting: The Game of Life Tarot Cards
Timothy Leary’s reinterpretation of the Major Arcana as a mythic 24-stage model of evolution.


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