Vector Gallery: The ‘Retrial of Charles Manson’

You may not know it yet, but JJ Brine is an icon of Post-American America. To understand what that means we must first go back and understand the Sex Pistols.


On June 4th 1976 history was made and only a few dozen people witnessed it. The Sex Pistols performed their first gig in a tiny, beer soaked music hall. At the time, the Sex Pistols were seemingly like any other band in the UK, only they weren’t. They were more than a band, they were a revolution. johnny rottenThey would soon lead a movement that arguably was as influential as the Cold War that was raging around them. The catch to the story, you may ask? During their short time as a group (3+ years, 1 full album) most of America hadn’t heard of them. Those that did mostly reacted with scorn and distrust. There was only a small subset of fans and supporters that rallied around this four person revolution. But that’s all that was needed. Once they were out in the public domain their influence grew and spilled over into all aspects of music, film, art and eventually mainstream life. During this bright, but brief liftoff into history there was one watershed moment when those in the know knew the world had changed forever and even better they had the key to the secret. It was called the Queens Silver Jubilee and it coincided with the release of their single God Save the Queen. During the Jubilee, the Sex Pistols rented a boat and did a chaotic concert down the Thames. It ended in mass arrests and the band having their single banned despite being one of the biggest selling songs of the day. It was just that one touchstone moment where mainstream America specifically took notice of how the invisible hands of their future was already changing.


A few days ago an article was published on TMZ about the retrial of Charles Manson to be officiated by JJ Brine and Vector Gallery. For those not in the know, Vector Gallery can be called an art gallery as an easy label to quickly comprehend what they are dealing with, but further investigation and attention will render the observer with an understanding that the gallery is closer to a living organism capable of bringing about its own form of revolution at any JJ Brinemoment. Its creator -JJ Brine- is one part Andy Warhol and one part Malcolm McLaren. Like the Sex Pistols, Vector Gallery has been building an underground following which boarders on the fanatical. Like a band, JJ Brine and his gallery has been on a tour of sorts, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and have attracted fans that are sophisticated and are so far beyond the avant-garde that soon a redefinition will be in order.  All the while the rest of America had no idea what was going on.

Then the TMZ article was published. And like the Sex Pistols, mainstream America got its first glimpse of the invisible hands that are shaping its future. As expected the mainstream public responded to the retrial of Charles Manson at Vector Gallery with hatred, scorn, bewilderment and disbelief. Funny thing is the retrial of Charles Manson may not be the most outrageous bit of performance art by the gallery; it just happens to be the one the general public has been made aware of. Vector Gallery (like the Sex Pistols in the 70’s) is at an imbalance with the rest of the American public. For years the gallery has been expanding its artistic vision, pushing itself out further, away from the orbit of the mainstream. With the TMZ article, and now the Manson retrial set for the 28th, mainstream America is being dragged out of their comfortable confines and drawn closer to the orbit of Vector Gallery. The general public, taking the proceedings as a literal retrial, the 300+ comments went as expected; it ran the board from simple claims of lunacy to threats of bodily harm. This is what happens when a social revolution has been well underway and the public is years behind where the vanguard actually stands. This is what happens as Vector Gallery becomes the new punk movement.

I decided to I needed a quick rundown on the proceedings from the Crown Prince of Hell himself: JJ Brine.

Does the gallery plan on recording the trial?

Yes, the trial will be recorded by these (confirmed) entities and more to come: TMZ, Splash News, Getty Images, and Manson documentarian John Aes-Nihil.

How did you get a hold of Charles Manson’s son Matthew Roberts?

We (The LaBiancas) met Matthew in 2012 through the witchy orbit of the disparate factions operating as The Manson Family On The Internet. We stayed with him in Los Angeles later that year. We kept in touch and Eye[sic] have seen him more often since moving to LA.

How does Vector Gallery plan on handling the show, given its new found exposer?

Transparency is the greatest disguise for all things.

The Retrial of Charles Manson will take place at Vector Galley in Los Angeles on December 28th.

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