Who owns the Las Vegas Review Journal?

Las Vegas Review

That’s a question everyone has been asking. Journalists at The Las Vegas Review have started to protest on twitter.

From the New York Times article Reporters in Las Vegas Try to Crack Case of Who Owns Their Newspaper

It began late last week, when New Media Investment Group, the company that had bought The Review-Journal as part of a package of newspapers for $102 million this year, announced it had sold the paper. A company called News + Media Capital Group L.L.C. paid $140 million for The Review-Journal, and some other assets, New Media said, a price seven times adjusted earnings and very generous for a newspaper that is fighting steep, industrywide declines.

The rumors are circulating that Sheldon Adelson may be the secretive buyer. Politico ran; Reid suspects Adelson is Las Vegas paper’s mysterious buyer

We have a few rich people in Las Vegas, one of whom is well known, so we’ll see. And he owns newspapers in other places,” Reid said cryptically of Adelson, who owns newspapers in Israel. Though he did not refer to Adelson by name, an aide confirmed Reid believes Adelson is the buyer.

Media Watcher and Professor of Journalism Jay Rosen had this to share on Facebook.

One of the first thoughts I had was: Nevada is an early primary state. The Review-Journal is the largest newspaper in the state. Was it sold to a player in that event, or people who want to be players? That slightly conspiratorial thought may be way off base. Of course there is no way to know as long as the ownership remains hidden. That’s the point.

Or was it Rupert Murdoch who bought the paper?


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