Evading Death and Immigration Checkpoints In Texas

Timmy Matlock from DSSK.press wanted to know firsthand what happens within the 100 mile wide constitutional free zones. The plan was simple – with one Dodge pickup truck and some weapons – we’ll use poor judgment and sheer luck to explore the Wild West.

The deeper we got, and the more time that passed by, the less it felt like we were in the U.S., and the more it felt like we were in some purgatory.

ACrossing the U.S.-Mexico border is only the beginning for the estimated half a million immigrants that enter the United States illegally every year. Once inside the U.S., there is still a 100-mile trek to be made through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s “constitution-free zones” in which their law reigns supreme. The majority of major U.S cities are all located within this 100-mile no rights technicality. Detailed in this article are a few methods for avoiding checkpoints, not dying, and an account of our idiocy in the venture to discover these things within the eighty miles of the Texas-Mexico border.

As we approached from the north, which admittedly is not the typical direction of approach from anyone else who might be trying to pull off this feat, the sun was just starting to rise over the south Texas landscape. That’s when we saw a white Mitsubishi crossover completely engulfed in flames in the passing lane on the freeway with the heat waking one of us up. The first sign that we were officially entering what remains of “The Wild West”. Everything about this place gives off the feel that, although it’s technically U.S. soil, it’s just one of those places that we’d like to think doesn’t exist. The deeper we got, and the more time that passed by, the less it felt like we were in the U.S., and the more it felt like we were in some purgatory.

After having a flat tire we changed at Buc-Ee’s patched we got some morning coffee and WiFi at McDonald’s to plan our next move, cut short by Timmy’s paranoia. The old guy next to us was apparently listening. Hitting the road with the route we planned to bypass any potential checkpoints we began getting further from civilization, and more lost down farm roads. After an hour of venturing for leads on a potential route, we stumbled upon our first clue. A large bright blue barrel with the word “AGUA” written on it, visible from a great distance due to a tall home made red-cross flag jutting out the top of the barrel. Upon closer inspection, the barrel contained exactly what we suspected. An ample supply of 1 gallon jugs of Nestle water, sealed. Great! Let’s take some selfies, this is cool, we thought. Little did we know, we’d be hiking back to one of those barrels as if our lives depended on them, which they did.


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Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

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Franklin Russell