Forgotten History: Getting to Know Our Distant Cousins

Hey Disinfonauts! Not only do I have my first interview up courtesy of Free Radical Media. I’ve also got my new article up! Nazis, Soviets, and Satanists abound! Enjoy!

As the magical folk slowly awaken to political and social importance they will be assailed by an interesting opinion: that everything they believe and stand for in regards to their spirituality or practice is a lie.

Oh there will be allies, and more then a few who do not hold this spurious opinion, but much of what we call the “Left” is still awash in either Victorian Materialism or worse “New Atheism.” The reason I bring this up is that every reader here knows, from direct experience, that what those folks deem to be illusion is very, very real. We have seen things move that never should have, felt the cold presence of those departed, got a scratch or sting from unseen claws, and basked in the strange numinous nature of beings not totally of this world.

These events, these experiences, are part and parcel of our practices. We live them everyday. That’s not even counting the strange things we can accomplish when we call on our allies and direct our Will. Again, something that according to “the world as it is,” or should I say “the world as we are told it is,” should not exist. And yet, here we are.

And we are not alone.

You didn’t think those Gothic legions just sat around when we weren’t calling them up, did you? Or that the governments of the world haven’t noticed this thing we call magic?

Come now, my dear Revolutionary. Don’t be so naive.

The Grandpa Nobody Likes to Talk About

The Nazi Occult – Djinn of Zerzura
The myth, however beautiful it is, that is we are the children of a new dawn, a grand magical entrance into geopolitics must be shattered. While we ARE in respect to our anti-capitalism we are plainly NOT the first to walk out on stage. And some of our fore-bearers are not the nicest.

Of course I mean the Nazis.

There is no doubt Himmler was a dyed in the wool Occultist, if not a strange form of pagan. Whether creating seasonal festivals, jumping off to Tibet to look for lost civilizations, investigating ley lines, or enforcing his own brand of “pagan ethics” we cannot deny his fondness for the topics we would never imagine could birth such a monster.

“Peter Padfield notes that from late 1923 to early 1924, Himmler’s reading included books on spiritualism, second sight, astrology, telepathy and the like. Himmler was interested also in herbalism, rural life and agriculture [Graber] – he was rather a “back-to-nature”, “New Age” sort of man.”(Link Above)

Hitler too while amongst friends laughed at Himmler’s mysticism, yet it was these very mystics that sponsored his rise:

“At this time, Hitler received critical assistance from Dietrich Eckart, an anti-Semitic, occultist  playwright and journalist. Part of this help included “lending him books” and “helping to improve his German – both written and spoken. Eckart, a member of the Thule Society(An Occult Lodge) with connections to the Army, also introduced Hitler to wealthy and influential residents of Munich; they then began supporting Hitler and the Nazis. Eckart also helped to transfer funds from Henry Ford to Hitler and the Nazis…

Several other Thule Society members – Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, and Hans Frank – became Nazi leaders and had key roles in the Third Reich. The Nazi choice of the swastika symbol was influenced by the Thule Society’s example.”

Again, once in power Hitler disavowed any loyalty to the Occult and actually banned the Thule Society. But was he merely using Occultists for his own gain or was he much more of a believer then he let on? From the same article:

“Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary, “1932 has brought us eternal bad luck … The past was difficult and the future looks dark and gloomy; all prospects and hopes have quite disappeared.”

At this critical moment, Hitler got spiritual assistance…Hitler sought help from Erik Jan Hanussen, a famous astrologer, hypnotist, and occultist whom he had met in 1926 in Berlin. (Ironically, Hanussen was Jewish, and was born in a Viennese jail cell on June 2, 1889. Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria on April 20, 1889 – the Saturday before Easter). Hanussen had taught Hitler how to project his voice and how to use his hands to emphasize emotions; he thus had contributed to Hitler’s ongoing success as a spellbinding orator. In the autumn of 1932, Hanussen told Hitler that his horoscope showed that he had been cursed. To remove this curse, Hanussen said that it was necessary for someone to travel to Hitler’s home town and take a mandrake root from a butcher’s back yard. Hanussen volunteered to do this himself, and at midnight on a night of a full moon, he took a mandrake root from a suitable location in Linz, Austria. Hanussen returned to Berlin with the mandrake root on New Year’s Day, 1933. He told Hitler that the curse had been lifted, and that Hitler’s ascent to power would resume on January 30.”

We all know how well that particular ritual worked.

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