Got An Odd Kink? Get Your Own Custom Video Today!

Just for fun let’s pretend you have some sort of sexual fetish. Let’s pretend that it is something you don’t want anyone in your life to know about. You don’t want your wife to know you get turned on by chicks that are passed out and drooling, and the last time you asked her to act like a robot, she got super mad. When you are in the breakroom at work and people are talking about the Patriots, you feel odd changing the subject and talking about how badly you want to feed a woman until she gets fat and explodes.

So what do you do? Get in touch with someone like Dixie Comet
Dixie does custom videos, which basically means that for a fee, she will make a video doing just about anything you want, you write the script, you pay Dixie, and it is go time.

Dixie was cool enough to answer some questions for me.

Brian Whitney: How long have you been in the business at this point and how did you get started?

Miss Dixie: I have been in the business since 2009. I started out web camming to get comfortable with performing for an audience. Shortly thereafter I started shooting a little bit of hardcore porn in Los Angeles. Then a couple of months later, I dove into the fetish porn world and found my true love and a kinky side that I didn’t even know I had. It’s sad it took me 26 years to find my kinky self.

There are tons of fetishes out there, some of the more popular are have to do with feet, mind control, FemDom and stuff like that, what are some of the more odd things that you have been asked to do?

Oh boy! I love this question.

I’ve definitely been asked to get drunk and stoned in the morning while wearing a silk kimono and booty shorts. I was instructed to piss the booty shorts, play in the pee puddle, then twerk in my booty shorts. That one never came to fruition.

I have also been asked to buy a conversion van and go on a road trip with a couple of girlfriends. While on the road trip, us gals were to smoke cigarettes and cigars and burn holes all over the interior-along with pissing all over the inside of the van. Then when we were done destroying the inside, the dude requested that we blow up the van in the desert. Like big explosion and a fire ball. I can’t make this shit up.This also never came to fruition, for the obvious reasons.

I once played a mom who was in an abusive marriage-the mom was forced to hold her pee by her off-screen husband while she got all of her chores done in the kitchen. The camera was from the perspective of a small child who was watching the story unfold. The mom is desperate to pee and keeps asking her husband to be excused but he keeps telling her no. Eventually she ends up pissing herself in front of the kid and as she is pissing herself she is crying in humility and is apologizing to her kid.

These are all pee-centric but totally a good way. I’ve shot sweater fetish-where you are dressed head to toe in sweaters and then have sex or get tied up. I’ve been covered in gold paint and transformed into a statue. I have a frequent customer who loves to see me get my foot broken mysteriously then I hop around looking for a bandage and crutches. I’ve been bound and forced to watch a loop of a scene from Gremlins while yelling at the damsel on the tv to get out of peril-all the while having a hitachi tethered to me and forced to orgasm. I get a doozy at least once a week…never a dull moment!

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