Mark Corske on Scientism, Anarcho-Capitalism, and the Engine of Domination – FRM Podcast

In this installment, author and filmmaker Mark Corske joins the Free Radcial Media crew, Eric Scott Pickard and Patrick Ryan, for his second appearance on the Free Radical Media podcast.

We briefly recap Mark’s anarchist theory of the “Engine of Domination” as a untied model of human oppression, and then move on to a discussion, from his essay “The War on Reality,” of Scientism – an “ideology of science that endows it with superhuman qualities,” as yet another facet of taking something inherently liberating (in this case the scientific drive and method) and adding it to the engine that drives human oppression. We also discuss views on the popular ideology of Anarcho-Capitalism and Mark and Justin Jezewski’s exciting new film project, “Provo! – The Great Anarchist Happening of Amsterdam,” a documentary in the works which Free Radical Media is greatly looking forward to.

More can be found from Mark at his website and blog, Engines of Domination.

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