Mysterious Scrapbooks Found in a Dump Reveal Secret Writings of NYMZA.



Present in many of the plates of the works of Charles Dellschau are character-like symbols that look as if they are based to a degree on letters of the Greek alphabet. It is not clear to what end these only semi-recognizable characters are used. A formula that is on many of the Plates looks almost like ¯ DM = XØ but not quite. The two letters on the right of the equation look more like chi and phi from the Greek alphabet than like X and O from the Latin alphabet. The formula ¯ DM = XØ has a horizontal dash entering the D around its middle, from the left, and a diagonal line from upper right to lower left through the O. And of course D and M are both in the Greek alphabet, too. Delta mu = chi phi? It may be Dellschau didn’t leave enough clues to figure it out. Maybe it has something to do with Peter Mennis, as on Plate 2003 (as described by P.G. Navarro in his “Books of Dellschau”) are the words: “Have you never heard of P. M.’s goose and heir offspring DM = XØ—Peter I haven foregot you!”

Navarro thought he had worked it out in Dellschau’s code so that DM = XØ translates into NYMZA. In his interpretation the five elements refer by code to a mysterious organization, perhaps operating from Germany, that was the sponsor or secret director behind the activities of the Sonora Aero Club. There is in addition one drawing (Plate 2550) that is signed, “a DM = XØ Club Debate Studia . . . Drawn by CAA Dellschau.” Studia is the term Dellschau used for a model or study or artist’s proof. So: this is the Study-Model that came out of a Sonora Aero Club debate.

But of couse Dellschau treated the right side of the equation as if it was the Latin letters X and O, and didn’t consider the problems about those letters mentioned above.

CODEX to unlock the cipher:

He translates the ciphers as (left side, top to bottom) P, O, N, M, L, K, I, H, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and (right side, top to bottom) Q, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y, Z, CH, SCH, with the O used for double letters and no representation for J or V. By using this code, he claims the passages on the left and right edges of the drawing read “Now talk about your dirigibels” and “O yes we didden know nothing say.” P.G. Navarro, e-mail to Stephen Romano, July 30, 2012.

Extracted from

“Empire of the Wheel III: The Nameless Ones”, by Walter Bosley

The Mysterious NYMZA In “Empire of the Wheel 1″, we presented evidence that extremist members of the Spiritualist movement were the most likely suspects involved with the deaths we associate to The San Bernardino Working of 1915. In that book, it is revealed that the ancient goddess Hekate was central to the events surrounding deaths of four adults and three children. The circumstances appear to have shrouded the identities of those involved. In EOW2, we extrapolated on the facts and possibilities by pulling a seemingly innocuous thread which ultimately revealed that an historical figure was at the center of events and offered a possible explanation as to why. Looming even taller in the background was the specter of a nameless string-puller, the difference now being the unexpected presence of an organization steeped in shadow and mystery but finally offering at least an apparent name:NYMZA/ NJMZa.

EOW2 already provides a very logical translation of the acronym NYMZA/ NJMZa. Here we must go a level deeper for therein is the thread through all we’ve presented in this book. Charles Dellschau NYMZA has multiple meanings, much like a hieroglyph. There isNYMZA the mysterious organization behind the airship mystery, according to Dellschau. EOW2 attempts to translate this NYMZAaccording to Dellschau’s own description of it being an organization based in Germany and overseeing several airship builders in the United States, especially the Sonora Aero Club formed mostly of German immigrants. This NYMZA/ NJMZa is also associated with the Great Airship Mystery of 1896, by this time also allegedly involved with known Spiritualist/ Theosophist investors and other players. It is here we can link NYMZA/ NJMZa to occult interests and not just via the Spiritualist scene in America but because of the German occult associations of the time. However, in true occult spirit, the acronym is embedded with what may be the identity of the hand behind the secretive Germans overseeing the airship operations as outlined in EOW2. NYM-ZA: The Sesh Heri Analysis In Sesh Heri’s 2008 novel Metamorphosis, second book of the Wonder of the Worlds trilogy, Ed Morrell explains the NYMZA to Jack London and the narrator of the story: “That member of the (Sonora) Aero Club had figured it out. He was a professor of ancient languages. He had studied Latin and Greek all his life, and he had also studied ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and Mayan. This professor told me that NYMZA was a veryancient word that predated all known languages but that it had survived into ancient Egyptian, Greek and Latin in somewhat altered forms. For example: nomen in Latin and onyma in Greek are the words from where we derive our English word for name. But these Latin and Greek words were only derived from the older Egyptian nym which meant ‘who?’… “The word for ‘who?’ in Egyptian was related to several other words in that language that sounded the same…” “Homonyms,” Jack said. “That’s it,” Morrell said, “There were a number of words that were all pronounced something like nym, like the words for sleep, walk or stride, to do evil, wrongdoer, place of slaughter, slaughterhouse, execution, chamber, cellar… “They tell a story, a very ancient story. It’s all about the ancient gods who once ruled the Earth. They weren’t human; they were different kinds of creatures. They were amphibian. The Sumerians called these fish-men gods Annunaki – ‘Heavenly Ones Fallen To Earth’… The fish-men fought a war among their own kind and subdued the evil ones. What the fish-men did was confine the evil ones among them to a particular astral plane for all eternity… “That’s why all those nym words in Egyptian mean things like evil and slaughterhouse and cellar. The evil ones or wrongdoers, nymi, were put to sleep, nym, in a kind of cellar which could also be likened to a slaughterhouse, for although these evil beings continually walk or stride in that place of confinement, they exist in a kind of living death… “And should anyone ask about these evil beings who have been so confined in this living death, one can only reply who?, nym, for they are forgotten among the living… because their names have been taken away from them and this has cut them off from life…” “And that thing I encountered on the bottom of the ocean,” I asked, “You’re saying you think it was one of those old ones, one of those fish-gods, imprisoned on the astral plane long ago?”


“Yes,” Morrell said, “And not only that, but these things, the NYMZA, continually try to reach out to the minds of mankind and control us. Their ultimate aim is to escape from the astral plane and return here where they can once again rule according to all the evil that is in them. This NYMZA has been a manipulating force throughout the history of mankind on both Earth and Mars, and it was they who constantly interfered with mental communications going on between the Aero Club and some of the people on Mars… “They cannot build in the material world, but they can project their thoughts into this material realm through the minds of living things, especially the humans. Through such mental doors, the NYMZA hope to eventually escape their endless imprisonment. That machine on the ocean floor is designed to rend the fabric of space and open an astral portal so those things can escape…” NYM-ZA or NYM-SA means specifically, according to Heri, ‘Name That Has Been Removed’ and he makes the distinction that this is the result of a punitive action. The‘cutting’ of the name was a revoking of a ‘key’, the name symbolizing the more important ‘identity’ or, as Joseph Farrell might say, ‘individuation’. This identity key is what, according to Heri’s interpretation, allows a being to exist on our plane, i.e. our material plane as opposed to the astral plane to which the ‘NYM-ZA/ NYM-SA’ were banished. Heri adds that the desire for these beings to possess a key drives them to seek possession of the identity of others, for the specific identity does not matter to them so much as simply having the key to return to this material plane of existence. It is in this desire for the ‘key’ of identity/ individuation that we may also find the motive for the possession of living bodies by disembodied entities, i.e. ‘demons’.

Consider the story in The Bible wherein Jesus encounters the man possessed by multiple demons. When Jesus asks for a name, the voice replies, “My name is Legion”. This apparent name actually refers to a multitude of entities possessing the man. Notice not one specific name identifying any of them by their personal identities is given but instead what Jesus is given is a group name. Heri argues that ‘Legion’ is equivalent to NYMZA/ NYM-SA. Had any of these entities retained an ‘identity key’, they would not need a living body to enter this plane of existence. Heri uses both his understanding of the phonetic cabala and modern words traced to ancient lexicons. Confining his examples to English, German, Latin, Greek and ancient Egyptian, which can be demonstrated to be the sources for Greek and Latin terms. His source on the ancient Egyptian is Budge’s An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary (Murray, London, 1920) Pgs. 373-385. “-nym” is a suffix in English, i.e. patronym, pseudonym, etc. It refers to “name” as in the Greek onyma or “name”. Heri is convinced onyma came from the Egyptian word nem which meant “who?” Nem is a question concerning the specific identity of a person, the answer being their name. In ancient Egyptian, there were two words for “name”, being ren and ka. Nems means veil. Consider our context and remember this because we’ll bring it up a little later.